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BLAST and Macron confirm the CS:GO Major in France

BLAST has confirmed that it will host the first Major of CS:GO in 2023. As the rumors published by Luis MiraParis will host the great event of the shooter of May 8 to 21. In this way, both France and BLAST will be protagonists for the first time in their history of a Major. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, has also been part of the announcement after his promise in April support the scene esports in his country.

Much of the fans of CS:GO They asked for a Major for BLAST, one of the organizers with the most prestige and experience on the competitive circuit. After several rumors and controversial statements related to the event, its expected and calculated moment has arrived. robbie douek, CEO of BLAST, has promised in the official statement to organize “the biggest Major in history” in addition to fulfilling the expectations of the fans. Not only will it be BLAST’s debut, it will also be France’s. The European country will host, for the first time, a Major of CS:GO After prior support from Emmanuel Macron in the ecosystem of esports.

Bercy will host the CS:GO Major in France

The President of the French Republic has made this news official as well as confirming that the tournament will take place in Bercy, a Parisian venue with 20,000 seats that has already hosted the World’s of League of Legends in 2019. The BLAST-hosted Major will kick off with open qualifiers in February and March, but the official dates are yet to be announced. Yes, it has been confirmed that RMR’s will be held from April 3 to 9 while the main event will start on May 8 with the Challenger Stage. From the 13th to the 16th of the same month it will be the turn of the legend stage while the last phase will take place from the 18th to the 21st in a predictably full Bercy.

A few weeks before the start of IEM Rio Major 2022, which promises to be historic, all the media spotlight falls on BLAST and France. The Gallic country has great historical players and teams of CS:GO, so the culture of shooter it is more than obvious. However, Team Vitality, with ZywOo In the lead, it will be the great national representative in one of the most special moments that takes place every year in the electronic sports ecosystem.

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