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BLAST explains and sets dates for the Paris Major qualifiers


BLAST explains and sets dates for the Paris Major qualifiers

With the latest changes related to the next Major of CS:GO It is important that BLAST, organizer of the event, explain how this new format works. At first we already highlighted and mentioned the news regarding the latest editions, but more information appears about all these regional qualifiers. If it was already difficult to get to the big appointment of the shooter, the new and complex path does not facilitate access to the participating teams. The Paris Major It promises to be a very special event and everyone wants to be in it, but to do so they will have to pass the qualifiers that we explain below.

BLASTthrough a video, has explained the new operation of all the qualifiers prior to the great event of the CS:GO. The path of the open and closed qualifiers will begin in mid/end of February while the final ones RMRs Regionals will be held from April 3 to 12. The latter have already been confirmed to take place in three different locations for each of the participating regions. The teams that reached the Legends Stage of the last Major in Rio de Janeiro will be directly invited to their RMR regional. This benefits 14 European organizations and 2 from America. The others will have to overcome a complicated path that we are now explaining thanks to the audiovisual piece provided by BLAST.

All qualifiers for the Paris Major

If we focus on the European region, the sixteen best teams from the first quality open, held from February 13 to 14, will move on to the closed qualifiers. This phase will have half of the teams already invited, always half in each region, depending on the controversial ranking created by Valve. Outsiders, Heroic, MOUZ, fnatic, Spirit, NAVI, BIG, Bad News Eagles, ENCE, Sprout, Vitality, FaZe, NIP, Team Liquid and FURIA skip this tortuous path thanks to their latest Major. The following video explains how it works from the first open qualifier to the Grand Final of the Major held in France.

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With all this, the confirmed dates for all the qualifiers of the three regions would be the following:

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  • Open qualifier: February 13 and 14.
  • Closed Qualifier A: February 15-19.
  • Closed Qualifier B: February 15-19.
  • RMR: April 3 to 12.

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  • South America Open Qualifier: February 21-22
  • South America Closed Qualifier: February 23-26
  • North American Open Qualifier: February 21 and 22
  • North America Closed Qualifier: February 23-26
  • RMR: April 3 to 12.

Asia, China, Oceania and the Middle East

  • Asia Open Qualifier: February 15-16
  • Asia Closed Qualifier: February 17-19
  • Oceania Open Qualifier: February 15-16
  • Oceania Closed Qualifier: February 17-19
  • China Open Qualifier: February 15-16
  • China Closed Qualifier: February 17-19
  • Middle East Open Qualifier: February 22-23
  • Middle East Closed Qualifier: February 24-26
  • RMR: April 3-12.

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