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Blizzard fixes bugs in Diablo 4 beta

*text muted* 4 It’s one of the most anticipated titles of this yearespecially for all those of us who have been playing the saga for some time since its inception in a now distant year 1996 in which we were already seduced by a first installment that laid the foundations of the role, the action and the gloomy aspect that characterize the world of Sanctuary.

This weekend the early access of the open beta of *text muted* 4 which will finally launch on June 6 for PC and consoles and, as expected, the first hours of this beta were loaded with bugs and connectivity errors due to a excessive stress for game servers or Blizzard authentication (in fact one of the objectives of these betas is to test and adjust them for the final release).

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Blizzard itself admit these bugs hours later and now you have fixed most of themtweaking the problems when accessing the game when we had selected a character, the error that caused us to exit the menu while we were playing, or various RAM consumption errors or the use of a graphics card with certain hardware, so the experience of the Players of this first part of the beta should improve considerably.


A grim, violent and addictive Sanctuary

The content of this beta spans the prologue and Act 1 of the game’s main campaignexactly the same thing that we were able to try a few months ago to bring you our latest impressions in which we told you about the “winning game air, turning point so that Blizzard can return to its prestige of yesteryear and, after testing it, we are looking forward to being able to return to Sanctuary, to be able to enjoy the gore, the darkness, to improve our character, to get new items and to enjoy a unique proposal while we we throw ourselves into the arms of Lilith in a violent, gloomy adventure that seems to be unique”.

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