Blood Bowl III – Review, the most dangerous oval ball ever

For all those players accustomed to miniatures, Warhammer is a cornerstone: we are talking about one of the historical games that over time, differentiating between the various dedicated eras, has entertained children now adults, creating generations who have dedicated time and space to painting miniatures, creating armies, challenging other players. In short, the War Games as we know them today were born thanks and above all to Warhammer. Yet, among the battles that occur in that universe, there is a sport that is often forgotten, not cared for, but which deserves space: it is Blood Bowl, a sport that mixes American Football with typical Warhammer themes ( and some healthy violence). We got to try Blow Bowl III for the review, and now we’re here to tell you how the new game by Cyanide Studio.

An improved field

Let’s start from the basics: if you have had the opportunity to play the two previous Blood Bowl games released, then you already know what we are talking about (despite the many improvements), while if you have never touched a title of the brand, we will briefly explain what is it about. Blood Bowl III is a strategic game where one player will collide with another (or an AI) on an American football field with their team, with the aim of making more touchdowns than the opponent. The game, divided into turns, replicates the official rules of the respective board game, offering a big difference compared to automatic dice rolls. In fact, to take advantage of the various actions, taking advantage of the rules (and the fact that a failed launch will make the next player go through), the players will have to pass tests based on the statistics of the various players (who may also have specific skills).

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With Blood Bowl III, however, we have many new features ready to popular game: let’s start with the new breeds available, such as the Halflings hey Black Orcs, which add to the list of available teams. There My Team modemoreover, it will allow you to create your own team, a mechanic that emulates the creation that is applied in the board game and therefore allows players to find their own style with their teams (also giving the possibility to choose uniforms, logos and so on ).

The various characters will then have skills, which they will make most characteristic such players, and these have been improved and increased to add another layer of customization to the game. Finally, do not lose hope, given that Cyanide Studio has also put its hand on the AI computer-controlled miniatures, while still making the challenges tough and fun – Blood Bowl III features, among many new things, a improved graphics, with more detailed models, smoother animations and a better control system. The only flaw, in this case, the movement of the camera which, as a mouse, was a bit too heavy and tiring (but it is a small thing that can be solved in a short time).

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The ultimate Blood Bowl

With this Blood Bowl III, Cyanide Studio has taken the right step proposing everything a player of this sport could want: obviously there will be a way to expand the experience in the future, but with this chapter we get to the right level as far as you need. Let’s talk about a game that has a single player campaign which will act as a tutorial and will lead you to some fun challenges within this solitaire mode, while the multiplayer part will give you space to play against an opponent online or, if you wish, even locally (considering that the game does not have cards and information to hide from the opponent).

The rules, as in the past, follow the board game, giving the possibility for each miniature to perform actions such as movement, tackle, possible foul and those more particular and limited actions such as the Blitz and the pass. Also interesting is the graphics and UX used to show dice and choices, which will appear above the game area (in a sort of circle of choice) and which you can use to make your decision.

In short, if at the Improved AI and to My Team mode we add the multitude of races and teams that we will be able to choose, the game becomes the definitive chapter of the series. Obviously, we are dealing with a game that offers a finished experience, so don’t expect anything else than the digital version of Blood Bowl; moreover, the title is very punitive (especially for risky actions), which could weigh on the less experienced, considering that failing a die roll or an action will lead to a change of turn, destroying all the tactics you had prepared .

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  • Blood Bowl III (Tried on PC)

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    The definitive iteration of the famous Warhammer sports game is finally here: Blood Bowl III offers everything you want from this board game. Perfect regulation, added and balanced teams and races, improved game graphics and AI and the My Team mode (to create your own personal team, as you do in the real game) are all the new features that make the game leap forward in terms of quality. Obviously, Blood Bowl remains so, and a well-made single player campaEsports Extrasmode is not enough to make the experience diversified. But, in the end, that’s okay: the game allows you to crash on the Blood Bowl field, and this is what a fan of the series needs (besides the way the game is decidedly punishing and the tactical difficulty).