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Bloodhound Review

bloodhound review

For some reason completely beyond the comprehension of a large majority, it seems that there is a coordinated attempt to repopularize retro shooters; in the same way that other retro genres have become popular in the current era.

In a video game ecosystem that, as of this writing, is being dominated by an ultra-rudimentary version of Battlefield known as “Battlebit Remastered”; it would seem that there really are good reasons in the air to try to recreate the old technologies of shooting games together with the reliability and precision of inputs and controls of today.

A new iteration of what were the most controversial games of the 90’s is coming.

For a bit of historical background… It’s not that hard to imagine a time when you were a child or a pre-adolescent, with Christian parents, and you went to the most reputable Catholic school near your home…


Until that day came when you started playing controversial titles like Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Hidden And Dangerous, and Wolfenstein.

Titles that in their time were the pinnacle of scandals between parents who lost sleep over concerns that their children would end up being deranged psychopaths thanks to the video games they came into contact with.

However, other examples of the stature of “Grezzo”, took the engines available at the time and redid their own iterations of the installments putting kilos of steroids to the controversy factor, and involving real-life characters in it… Both from the field politician and show business.


Bloodhound takes a more modern angle on the matter…

Working the complete game on Unreal Engine and, obviously, achieving a graphic level higher than that of the mentioned period; Bloodhound takes a similar angle in that the worlds and enemies are based on famous horror and suspense stories from the last century.

It does not seek to be more than necessary. It is an arcade shooter game without much objective or narrative weight that seeks to be a candidate for the leisure time of players already in their adulthood who at some point enjoyed similar games as children…

I mention adulthood because, without intending to throw spoilers in the pot, the game is loaded with blood, violence, and nudism…


Yes… We suppose that to season what, under 2023 standards, is considered “controversial”…

Many of the miscellaneous enemies we encounter are topless succubi who promise to get into the activists’ stirrups…

However, speaking of things that really do matter…

The game, thanks to its motor features and contemporary design, offers extremely precise, responsive, consistent, and unrestricted controls.


Among many abilities with cooldowns and cooldown times, we have main abilities and an arsenal of weapons that, together with characteristic movement possibilities from games like “Unreal Tournament”, allow for an extremely high skill and efficiency ceiling.


Taking things for what they are… Bloodhound is not a game that seeks to offer you the next brain-busting story that makes you think about the meaning of life when you go to sleep.

The game is a goofy, no-strings-attached game that unfortunately doesn’t have access to multiplayer or any competition time to take us out of solo mode.


That being said… We think the game stays tedious by only offering levels full of enemies to eliminate without much else.

Amusing? Of course.

After a couple of hours, we don’t promise it’ll be easy to stay hooked.


This review was made possible by code courtesy of Kruger & Flint Productions.

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