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Blue Beetle: the reviews of the first film of the new DCU are here. Top or flop ?

blue beetle: the reviews of the first film of the

DC Studios’ Blue Beetle movie is now available. It marks the start of what appears to be a prolific streak within the DCU. A promising launch?


The DCU officially kicks off with Blue Beetle. Even if it is premature to mention the audience figures and the success in theaters, the first feedback from the press and part of the public allows us to get an idea. Directed by Angel Manuel Soto, the film features a cast including Xolo Maridueña (of Cobra Kai) and Bruna Marquezine. So what’s the verdict?

Is Blue Beetle successful?

The majority of press reviews are positive. Note for example the excellent rating on RottenTomatoes: 83% positive opinions based on 88 reviews. These figures mainly reflect the feelings of the Anglo-Saxon press, known for its generosity, especially across the Atlantic. In France, Le Figaro is particularly conquered, stating that “the heart of this superhero movie is unparalleled” and highlighting the humor of the feature film: “The viewer, laughing from start to finish, comes to think that superheroes who don’t take themselves seriously are the best possible relaxation in the heart of summer.“Overall, the feedback is very positive, including among many viewers of Hispanic origin. Some particularly appreciate the Latino and political angle of the film, which is critical of American immigration policy:


Blue Beetle arrives and the Latino community FINALLY has a dedicated superhero movie on the big screen. The film is exceptionally good, unique, and lives up to expectations, giving the superhero genre the revival it deserved. Not to mention the synthwave soundtrack inspired by Tangerine Dream, simply brilliant.

This praise is not an isolated case. Social networks are full of praise:

BlueBeetle stands out from previous DC productions, and it’s mainly thanks to the Latin touch, let’s be honest. It’s funny, moving and the action scenes with BB are incredible! The distribution is superb. Wait to see more ! Congratulations to our BORI @angelmanuelsoto, let’s go!!

The release of Blue Beetle therefore also raises a deep reflection on representativeness in cinema. For decades, Hollywood has been criticized for its tendency to marginalize certain communities, especially Latinos, despite their growing influence in American society. Blue Beetle, with its Latino protagonist and political themes, seems to fill an important void, giving an underrepresented community a platform to see themselves on screen. If the positive criticisms are obviously not all based on this fact, it is undoubtedly a strong argument among Anglo-Saxon critics, the question of Latinos being particularly important in the USA. Based on this premise, has DC Studios just produced a “banger”?

However, the French public seems a little more mixed on several points of the feature film.


France is less satisfied, offering more measured opinions

On AlloCiné, the average of viewer reviews is 2.9/5. Although above average, it still lags behind RottenTomatoes. A viewer points out a cliched scenario and questionable humor. Proof that the appreciation remains subjective. Other critics point to superfluous sequences and a languid start to the film. Finally, a critic deplores the very average special effects… One of the main recurring pitfalls in many films of the genre is the “too talkative” trailer. This tends to reveal too much, sometimes revealing key elements of the plot and thus reducing the element of surprise for the spectators when they discover the work. According to many viewers, this is the case here.