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Blue Protocol: Bandai Namco launches a ‘benchmark’ that allows you to create characters

Bandai Namco Online, the development studio of the expected . Blue Protocolhas published (goes TechRaptor) a tool benchmark for PC available for free from this link (in Japanese). The application not only allows you to check how the game performs on your computers beyond the minimum and recommended requirements, but also allows you to tinker with the character editor and create scenes with the avatars.

For download the tool You must click on the second blue link on the web and then click on the big black button on the page that will open. Once the file has been downloaded, you have to extract the files, open the “bp_benchmark_installer” folder and install the program with setup.exe. the application It is only available in Japan.


With the second button at the bottom of the main screen of the program you can start in benchmarkand with the fourth from the top change the graphic settings. A score of 8000 and above indicates that you can improve the graphics, between 6000 and 7999 that it can be played correctly with the established settings, and between 4000 and 5999 that you need to lower the graphics. Below 4000, the PC will not be able to run the title properly.

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The first button at the bottom of the program allows you to create characters. The editor includes seven default male and female characters. Can customize the physique, hair, skin, face shape, eyes, facial details, makeup and voice. Later you can select different clothes and even garments for each part of the body. From the created characters screen you can access a party viewer (the image that heads this news) to display up to six avatars, change their position and take screenshots.

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It will be free this year for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

Blue Protocol be available free on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in the second half of 2023. You can check everything we know about the most promising . of this year at our advance.

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