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Blumhouse Productions: the horror film box invests in video games

Blumhouse Productions, the company that produces high-grossing low-budget horror films, announces the opening of a video game division to freak out gamers.


When it comes to horror films and other thrillers, Blumhouse Productions is a reference. After their huge success in Hollywood, the company will try to break into video games using the same methods.

Experts in low budget films

The hallmark of Blumhouse Productions, since their arrival on the market in 2004, is to produce low-budget horror and thriller films. Their first big hit, which made them emerge on the horror scene and in Hollywood, was the feature film Paranormal Activity by Oren Peli. With a ridiculous investment of $15,000, this work brought in the unthinkable sum of $193 million.

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After this box, which transformed Paranormal Activity into a franchise, Blumhouse kept its economic model and chained the projects at a frantic pace. American Nightmare, Split, Insidious, the Halloween reboot or Jordan Peele’s Get Out, that’s them. Lately, they rocked the house again with M3GAN, a very unconvincing female Chucky, which raked in over $56 million on a budget of $12 million.

The credits included in every Blumhouse Productions film.

Blumhouse Productions will create horror games

Sensing a good move, Blumhouse Productions announces the creation of Blumhouse Games, their video game division. As with their films, the company will look to independent developers to bring horror titles to life with budgets under $10 million.

There’s a unique opportunity for horror and the genre in the indie games sector, and I’m excited to team up with Blumhouse to meaningfully leverage the company’s brand, reputation, and creative flair.

Zack Wood, president of Blumhouse Games, via The Verge.


Zack Wood, who runs Blumhouse Games, has been in the gaming industry for 25 years. During these long years he worked on a number of PlayStation, cross-platform and Xbox games such as Sound Shapes, Hohokum, The Unfinished Swan, Bound, Prey: Mooncrash or even Redfall.

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