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Blumhouse will carry out the Dead by Daylight film, along with Atomic Monster | we are xbox

the movie studio Blumhouse to make Dead by Daylight movie. You may know Blumhouse best for their recently founded video game division, where they will dare to develop and publish horror games, a genre in which they have acquired some mastery.


But they will not be the only ones in charge of the production of the film. They are also involved in their production Atomic Monster Productions, the American company that specializes in horror movies and series. One of his best-known productions is The Conjuring and Never Turn Off the Light.

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Blumhouse to make Dead by Daylight movie, along with Atomic Monster

Blumhouse will carry out the Dead by Daylight movie, so decided Behavior Interactive

But it’s undoubtedly Blumhouse that’s generating the most buzz, due to its resume of low-budget horror movies and its latest hit: M3gan. The developer responsible for the game’s success describes her work as a love letter to the horror genreso a movie would be a reasonable step forward.


The heads of Blumhouse and Atomic Monster, Jason Blum and James Wan, are important exponents of the genre, and it is on them that the responsibility of bringing the next Dead by Daylight falls. At least that is what the executive vice president of Behavior Interactive, Stephen Mulrooney, points out, who blindly trusts these two creatives.

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Blumhouse will carry out the film of Dead by Daylight, and it is the CEO of Atomic Monster who points out that all those responsible for production are fans of the game. In the official Dead by Daylight blog they also mention that all those responsible feel mutual admiration for the commendable work of their partners.


The work is still far from finished, as there are still there is no established director not a writer. The CEO of Blumhouse allowed himself to comment on what kind of partners they were looking for for these important positions. “It’s important that we find someone who appreciates and loves this world as much as we do.”