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Borderlands movie: Filtered the first images of Cate Blanchett as Lilith

The film of borderlands keep going. Specifically, the team in charge of its production is currently carrying out reshoots, that is to say, going back to shooting scenes and sequences as a result of a change of direction. This is taking place in Los Angeles, California, the city where Cate Blanchett has been seen dressed as Liliththe video game character to give life in this adaptation.

Lilith is one of the main characters in borderlands and it appears in practically all the games of the saga. She is recognizable by her hair color and the tattoos on her body. Cate Blanchett was confirmed for this role in May 2020, although we had not yet been able to see her dressed in the character’s costume (leaving aside that silhouette that was shown in April of last year). The images taken during the filming of the film give us a clue of what this ‘Mermaid’ looks like.


When will the movie be released borderlands?

As we said at the beginning of the news, these photographs belong to a new batch of reshoots from the movie borderlands, a process that seems to be quite profound. The reason that scenes are being shot again is closely related to the change of director: Eli Roth, previous manager of the project, has left the adaptation in the hands of Tim Miller, known for being the director of deadpool. That change would have altered the plans, which would include new scenes to finish shooting the film.

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That’s all the new information we have so far on the movie of borderlandsalthough it is enough to understand that it will not be released in the short term: We have not yet seen trailers nor has a release date been given, despite the fact that it was scheduled for last year. Maybe once the reshoots and the montage we can learn new details about its arrival in theaters.

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