Boruto: the manga returns, a new image increases the pressure

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Boruto: the manga returns, a new image increases the pressure

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Boruto: Two Blue Vortex will be the new name of the eponymous manga after the timeskip. The work has just been revealed before its release and it may shock fans.

Growing up alongside your favorite heroes is a real privilege. It also gives a very special flavor to a work. More than twenty years ago, teenagers discovered Naruto, an unloved young boy destined to remain in the shadow of those better than him. Today, teenagers have become men, like Naruto, who managed to achieve his dream of becoming Hokage and who is now the father of a probable future hero, Boruto. Now, it is the latter who is at the center of an eponymous manga and after an ellipse, he will soon make his comeback. Before that, a big announcement about the work has just dropped.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Manga Reveals

The cover of the famous Japanese magazine V Jump, which publishes the chapters of the manga Boruto, honors the main character of the work. We had already been able to discover the face that Boruto would have after the timeskip thanks to the designer Mikio Ikemoto, who had shared his work in progress. Except that this time, the ninja appears from head to toe, with a new, much darker costume and a sword that strangely resembles Sasuke’s accessories… Boruto also has a dark look that we didn’t really know about him. The visual shared by V Jump is the promotional image for Boruto Chapter 81, which is releasing on August 21st. The magazine reveals the beginnings of the synopsis of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, the new name of the manga after the ellipsis (which was nicknamed Naruto Next Generations in the past).

People’s memories have been altered, and as a result, Boruto’s life is threatened by Konoha Village. What awaits him when he and Sasuke escape the village in the face of adversity is…

Two Blue Vortex more convincing than Naruto Next Generations?

The prologue of Boruto already allowed us to see the ninja equipped in this way, but this new image raises the hype even more. The community really wonders how things could have come to this. Is Sasuke still alive? Has Boruto changed sides, which would be possible if we believe the synopsis mentioned above? Hard to know. The prologue also suggested that Naruto had simply died… In any case, the fans are already impatient to know what could have happened to Konoha. “ A manga that changes its name along the way is unheard of Kishimoto likes to mark history too much », « hype like never before “, can we read on X.

A few weeks earlier, the new appearance of Sarada Uchiha had also been revealed, still in the V Jump. The daughter of Sasuke and Sakura also appears in darker tones, which really suggests that the sequel to Boruto should spare neither its characters nor its community.

Let’s hope that Two Blue Vortex manages to bring the public together massively and achieve unanimity, which was not really the case with the first part of the manga, nor with its anime adaptation, which had too many fillers. Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto therefore have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. Remember that in addition to Boruto, the community will be able to discover an original Naruto anime of four episodes in September on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the work.

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