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Boxing Heavyweight Undisputed Launches Today On Steam Early Access

Steel City Interactive (SCI) today celebrates the Early Access launch of Undisputed. The first major boxing title in a decade, Undisputed is available now on PC via Steam Early Access and is due out on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X at a later date. You can read our impressions HERE.

What better way to present the best boxing game than with a video of boxing legend Muhammad Ali? See how the GOAT enters the ring at Undisputed on YouTube: Link


For its Early Access release, Undisputed will feature a roster of over 50 playable characters, including Muhammad Ali, Tyson Fury, Canelo Álvarez, Deontay Wilder, Katie Taylor, and an entire women’s division. Players will be able to face off against these characters in six unique combat arenas, including a large arena and the Coldwell Gym. Become the champion in the ring in multiplayer, local and online combat, go solo against the AI ​​or face a real challenge in Prize Fight mode.

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In addition to bug fixes and quality of life improvements, the planned Early Access roadmap includes additional features and content such as Career Mode, fighter creation tools, licensed fighters, and real-world combat arenas. SCI looks forward to keeping the community informed as updates to these exciting features are shared.

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To ensure Undisputed is a truly authentic experience, Sheffield-based developer Steel City Interactive has partnered with all of boxing’s heavyweight brands including the World Boxing Council, British Boxing Board of Control, Empire and many more.

Main features:

  • Revolutionary footwork mechanics, including a Loose Movement modifier to help you move around the ring with ease.
  • More than 60 individual hits. Strike from multiple angles and directions. Feint to set a trap and counterattack.
  • All the tools needed to create an unbreakable defense. Swipe punches, dodge, dodge, and block before you find your punch hole.
  • Physics-Based Interactions: Punches can sometimes go around or even through the opponent’s guard.
  • Fight more up close and personal than ever.
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Players who want to get in the ring can do so by signing up for the Early Access release of Undisputed through its Steam page.