Brasil Game Show will be the scene of the Equinox Latam Game Awards, an important video game award

brasil game show will be the scene of the equinox

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Brasil Game Show will be the scene of the Equinox Latam Game Awards, an important video game award

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In addition to testing the main releases, meeting legends from the history of video games, watching championships and electrifying shows, visitors to the fourteenth edition of the Brazil Game Show will be able to celebrate the talent and success of game developers from Latin America and the world in the Equinox Latam Game Awards 2023. This important recognition rewards the industry of the entire region and will be held for the first time at the opening of the Brasil Game Show, next October 11th.

The nominees and winners will be chosen exclusively by the Equinox Awards, and the ceremony will reward more than 40 categories, including USAand Portuguese-speaking developers, creators, and studios, as well as the best game of the year, among other. GamerFocus is a ‘media partner’ and member of the voting committee of the Equinox Latam Game Awards 2023.

Brazil Game Show Equinox Latam Game Awards

Two important allies for the region

For Marcelo Tavares, founder and executive director of Brasil Game Show, BGS and Equinox Latam Game Awards have important common focuses. “One of the objectives of both events is to create a union atmosphere. BGS invests in an environment where players can unite with the brands and industry personalities that are a part of their lives, while the Equinox Awards unite the Latin American gaming community through an award that celebrates the qualities of our creators. ”

Emilio Eva, Equinox event director, celebrates the importance of being present at BGS. “For the Equinox Awards, it is a great honor to participate in the Brasil Game Show. This is a true milestone in the effort to unite the two Latin American markets to celebrate the best that gaming has to offer. The size and scope of BGS makes the event even more sensational, sharing and producing the ceremony in one of the largest gaming markets on the planet.”

More information and details about the Equinox Latam Game Awards 2023, including guests, partners and the opening of the popular vote, will be announced soon.

Brazil Game Show 14th edition, full of attractions

In 2023, the Brasil Game Show returns with many new additions. Visitors will be able to watch eSports competitions like the CS:GO Women’s Championship, see game and product launches, have fun on various free stations, find friends and content creators, attend concerts like the Video Game Orchestra and Sonic Symphony.

Other great highlights are historical and current personalities from the world of video games, such as Nolan Bushnell (creator of Atari), Shota Nakama, Shawn Fonteno and Ned Luke (being the last two actors of GTA V), Charles MartinetSamantha Kelly and Kenny James (official voice actors of the franchise of Super Mario).

Brazil Game Show Equinox Latam Game Awards

For more information about the Brasil Game Show, visit the official website of the event.

Date: October 11 to 15 (first day exclusively for press and companies, in addition to Premium Passport and Cabin Passport holders)

Place: Expo Center North

Address: Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 – Vila Guilherme, São Paulo/SP

Schedule: 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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