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Brutal Gladiator Fighting Simulator Gorn Now Available For PS VR2

Gorn brings the excitement of the Colosseum fight now to PS VR2. This violent gladiator simulator, with its unique physics-based combat, has finally been adapted for Sony’s virtual reality after passing through Steam and Meta Quest 2. The title already has more than 1.5 million copies sold on those platforms. .

Although it was scheduled to arrive on March 16, a last minute delay set the launch for March 30, being able to find it for €19.99 on PS Store.


Gorn is characterized by great freedom when it comes to fighting and its great brutality in combat, where violence is the true protagonist. To win, we have different weapons: from giant hammers to very sharp swords.
This freedom to fight is moderately conditioned, since players must face each time more complicated levels and enemies, enemies such as wild beasts and even a giant crab.