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Bug everyone in Destiny 2 fears is back – player provides first video evidence

The Destiny 2 community is once again in turmoil after another player lost a character to the mysterious launch bug. But unlike the first time, the hard-hitting video evidence is now on the table. MeinMMO tells you whether you should be shaking now.

Which bug is causing the community to get upset? A few weeks ago, Destiny 2 players feared for their characters, in which they had invested several thousand hours.


At that time, the custodian CyanSolar was affected, who then desperately reported to the Bungie forum. He had spent over 2000 hours in Destiny 2 before it was deleted. After the Destiny 2 startup failed, his Titan was irretrievably gone along with any built weapons he had equipped at the time of deletion.

Players fear losing their characters in Destiny 2 – Bungie is responding with a one-time action

Bungie made a one-time exception back then: Normally, a character deletion in Destiny 2 is irreversible. Bungie’s official policy is that characters or items manually deleted due to accidental deletion or unauthorized account access will not be restored.


With CyanSolar, however, Bungie made an extraordinary exception in January 2023 and, after an examination, arranged for the official and, by his own admission, complicated rescue of his character.

In this context, it was emphasized that the preservation of characters and progress had top priority. At the same time, however, Bungie also presented via Twitter clear that “no characters or progress were erroneously lost through our systems.”, which initially reassured the Destiny community.

But now video evidence, which the guardian Octo has now presented, shows that the start bug that became known a few weeks ago apparently exists and can lead to the unforeseen deletion of your characters in Destiny 2.

There are only a few minutes between these pictures

Player provides video evidence of character loss

What can you see in the evidence video? In the video you can see how Octo tries to start Destiny 2 and receives several error messages with “Destiny 2 servers are being contacted”.

After that, however, the game takes him to the character select menu as usual, and he selects his warlock to play with.

It’s only a fraction of a second, but the “Delete Character” overlay between all the reconnects and black screens can actually be seen at 0:55. Shortly thereafter, the Warlock has already disappeared from the character list, leaving only an empty slot.

On Twitter, Octo publishes the corresponding video evidence and contacts Bungie:


I lost my warlock on Destiny 2 after error codes for unknown reasons, even in the API when I check DIM. I would like to know what happened and if anything could be done to restore my character.

the player informs Bungie via Twitter and forum post

You can see the video and character deletion process for yourself here, titled “Bug Deleted My Warlock”:

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After a few error screens, the message “Delete Character” appears briefly

Must all guardians tremble now? The video proof of the player Octo quickly went viral in the Destiny 2 community. Mainly because it shows at first glance that the error suspected at the time apparently exists and can probably affect any player.

However, it is not entirely clear what exactly happened. Usually, the prompt requires you to hold down a character delete key for a few seconds.

But some players immediately blamed Bungie, saying the developer only covered up the truth in January to avoid taking responsibility for their mistakes.

  • dr Ditters comments on the Bungie Forums: “Incredible. Some people have spent thousands of hours playing this game and then they just lose it like that? All along they have been blaming the players for the character deletions.”
  • “I would swear for days while re-upplaying the character.” the Keeper ChopSue feels with the affected player.
  • The known Streamer Lucky10P says, “If that’s true, that’s the holy grail of character-erasing bugs!”

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Others, like dc213baseball, say it’s not the game’s fault, it’s the fault of the keeper himself.


First, don’t just press keys without waiting for the on-screen messages to complete. Second, it looks like the Weasel error code and reconnect in game was caused by someone else who is also trying to log into the account at the moment, thus “kicking” the keeper. He should therefore definitely check his linked accounts and the associated 2FA logins.

Also the player cread92 doubts itthat the character deletion happened unintentionally due to a game bug or Destiny 2 bug. He says:

The only problem I have with this [Beweisvideo] is that you don’t see him click “No” at the security prompt. You can only see that it disappears. As far as we know, he clicked yes, and then it’s his own fault that the game thought he was trying to delete his character. But he had a chance.

writes cread92 via Twitter


Destiny Bulletin, on the other hand, Bungie directly proposes a simple and very practical solution. On TwitterIt says: “Bungie really needs to implement a feature where you are prompted to type “DELETE” when deleting a character instead of pressing the button. As simple as that.”

Response from Bungie is pending: The community has now tagged the Destiny 2 team under Octo’s video and is hoping for a reaction.

However, this incident has already shown one thing: transparency and open communication between developers and players is important. Bungie has claimed and proven in the past that they will do whatever it takes to improve players’ experience. This includes rescuing characters if they really got lost through an error.


However, whether this is the case here must now be checked by the developer himself. Accordingly, it remains to be seen how Bungie will respond to these allegations. However, MeinMMO will keep you informed and update this article accordingly.

What do you say about the supposed evidence video? Do you think it’s proof that character deletion can happen and happen to anyone? Or tell her it’s just a one-off case, I’m not worried about that. Please let us know what you think in the comments.

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