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bug fixes, more performance on DX12 and RT

Intel barely appears on the discrete GPU map against NVIDIA and AMD. The problems they have suffered and paying the hazing of reaching a market at a superlative level have taken their toll on the first generation Alchemist GPUs. In the PCWord podcast, the spokesman for the blues, Tom Petersen, has slipped some of the improvements that the new aBattlemage architecture and although it has been brief, it seems that Intel has learned from its mistakes.

As was logical, Battlemage will represent a leap in GPU for Intel and although Petersen has not been able to offer much in said podcastYes, it has left very clear details regarding the new architecture. The first of them is crucial and it is nothing more than the fact that both the part of engineers and personnel that is in charge of the architecture, as well as the part of them that is in charge of the software, has been working on the new Arc for months.

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Intel Battlemage, errors that will be corrected with the new architecture

Well yes, in the end what we saw months ago about architectural errors was completely true. Petersen hasn’t given details, but at the same time he’s made it very clear and this is good for the future, because it looks like not only have these bugs been fixed on the Intel Arc Battlemage GPUs, but this will boost performance even more:


Obviously, I’m not going to reveal any new dates for Battlemage or specs, but I can say that most of our desEsports Extrasteam, both on the architecture and software side, are working on it and progress is accelerating and moving forward with quite quickly. There’s some cool new tech I want to talk about and won’t, but let’s just say Battlemage is our second generation discrete graphics card, it’s moving as expected and most of our team is working on it.

Another important point is how they are going to approach the issue of AI. AMD is going against the grain and hopes to use its AI Accelerators to upgrade NPCs or simply the interactivity with them, calculating weather data within a game and much more. Intel has a very particular approach and is halfway between the reds and the greens, closer to the latter. How do you plan to deal with this issue?

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Intel XeSS in the spotlight along with DX12 performance


Perhaps it is Intel’s pending task, because when it comes to drivers the step has been enormous, coming even before its rivals to offer support to games or bug fixes to them. We already know that a driver is something terribly complex and in an architecture with certain slight errors it must be even more so. For this reason, the fact that they have managed to boost current performance and that they will also do so in the future will be decisive in order to match AMD and NVIDIA, as Petersen explains:


Is Battlemage going to be better? I absolutely hope so, it’s a new technology, it’s a new architecture, we fixed some known bugs, let’s call them architecture bugs (things), which if we’d already had our first generation, we wouldn’t have. Think about how much we’ve learned this generation and all of that has been put into Battlemage, so you’ll see better scaling in DX12, better ray tracing, things you’d expect us to do as we go at a low-key cadence.

Therefore, the improvements that we can see in these new Intel Arc Battlemage once fixed their beginner bugs would be one compression for memory subsystem last generation, Enhanced Ray Tracingimprovements in rasterization and rendering with new engines, engine upgrades matrix and above all, a purely gaming focuswhich oddly enough, is being lost with so much effect and “falsified” frames.

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