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Building game SteamWorld Build will be released this year for PC and consoles

After only one broadcast was announced last week, the next one finally came in this same broadcast Steam World-Project revealed. at Steam World Build is a building game that is scheduled to be released for PC and consoles later this year. A demo is also available for download for PC.


In Steam World Build you go again in the popular Steam WorldUniverse and build your own mining town on five unique maps. Of course, as your city continues to grow, you must also keep an eye on the needs of your Steambots, providing them with food and good entertainment. In the course of your adventure, special residents will also travel from outside your settlement to support you. You can exchange resources at the train station.

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While classic building game activities await you on the surface, there is also an abandoned mine under the city, which, in addition to numerous ores and other riches, also offers all kinds of dangers. Meanwhile, three levels of difficulty should ensure that you always get a suitable challenge regardless of your experience with the genre.

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With the announcement trailer you can get your own first impression of Steam World Build do:

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