Bungie apologizes and promises an epic closure for ‘Destiny 2’

Tom Henry

bungie apologizes and promises an epic closure for 'destiny 2'

Bungie He stood up and apologized to his users. After the wave of layoffs and the delay of Marathon and the DLC of Destiny 2, the studio published an entry on its blog detailing the path forward. The development team of the popular shooter promised that They will work hard to regain the trust of the players.

“We want to thank you for the comments and concerns you have about Lightfall and recent seasons, as well as his response to the revelation of The Final Shape”Bungie mentioned. “Destiny needs to surprise and delight. “We haven’t done this enough and that’s going to change.” The study is aware that its last expansion was disappointingso they will adjust the strategy for the next DLC.

The team of Destiny 2 will look for The Final Shape be an unforgettable experience, something that is on par with the best games they have created. Although it is difficult to know whether this expansion will surpass Halo Reachthe team wants him to be on par with Forsaken, The Witch Queen and The Taken King. To do this, Bungie will use 650 employees to develop a chapter that adequately concludes the last ten years.

Although The Final Shape will not see the light soon, Bungie promised that will offer more details on its short-term strategy in the coming weeks. Before revealing the vision for the expansion, the studio will release its final season at the end of November.

Bungie and the difficult path to recover its players

Bungie, Destiny

Bungie’s situation is complicated if we consider that the studio has not enjoyed good management. Although the studio promised that it would not make layoffs after being acquired by PlayStation, a staff cut was confirmed a few days ago. More than 100 workers, including the famed composer of Halo and DestinyMichael Salvatori, lost their jobs.

Although it is rumored that Bungie layoffs would be related to PlayStation restructuringThe truth is that the problems have been going on for a long time. The lack of clarity in its game as a service (GAAS) model, as well as the content strategy, has generated controversy among gamers. Destiny 2. One of the most questionable decisions has been to remove the DLC that users paid for, such as Forsaken either Curse of Osiris.

Season 23 and the expansion The Final Shape They will have the difficult task of regaining a public that has lost trust. Bungie knows that content is key for a game of this type, so it will leave seasons behind and opt for an episode scheme.

“It’s a big change in what we’ve been doing. Instead of having four seasons a year, we will have three larger episodes,” said Robbie Stevens, associate game director at Destiny 2. The first three — Echoes, Revenant and Heresy — will arrive after The Final Shape and will focus on the consequences and aftermath of the expansion.

Destiny 2 It’s a game, not an obligation

Bungie is clear that it must surprise its users, and to do so it has to remember that Destiny 2 It is a game and not an obligation. There are other titles on the market and players have obligations beyond spending hours in front of the monitor. It is not only necessary to create an environment for those who leave for days or weeks, but also to make a game less hostile for the new player.

Some hope that Season 23 will have a similar effect to what happened with Halo: Infinite at the beginning of October. 343 Studios fixed the bugs and brought back a considerable percentage of players who lost faith after launch.

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