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Bungie Reveals String Subclasses Debuting in Destiny 2: Eclipse

last week we met the exceptional equipment that we will have in D.estiny 2: Eclipse (lightfall), the new expansion of the game as a service from Bungie. Now, the guardians that will arrive at the end of this month to Neptunethey can know the subclasses of strings that debut in destiny 2: Eclipse (lightfall) thanks to a new trailer.

This is the power that the ropes will grant to wizards, titans and hunters in destiny 2: Eclipse (lightfall)

What are the Guardian subclasses in Destiny 2: Eclipse?

The trailer released by Bungie not only reveals what the new subclasses Guardians will look like in destiny 2: Eclipse (lightfall), but also details the movements of each of them.

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Swarmer Sorcerer: Storm of Needles

What are the Guardian subclasses in Destiny 2: Eclipse?

The guardians of the sorcerer subclass in destiny 2: Eclipse (lightfall), called Swarmers, float through the air, the wizards launching waves of rope-piercing missiles. Upon hitting enemies, missiles detonate and transform into rags that chase nearby targets.

Berserker Titan: Blade Fury

What are the Guardian subclasses in Destiny 2: Eclipse?

The guardians of the subclass of the titans in destiny 2: Eclipse (lightfall), called Berserkers, weave large blades for their arms as they march across the battlefield using light and heavy attacks. Light attacks allow Titans to slice through their enemies quickly and build up energy for the heavy attack. With the latter, they swing their blades to launch projectiles that suspend and incapacitate enemies on impact.

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Tightrope Hunter: Silk Attack

What are the Guardian subclasses in Destiny 2: Eclipse?

The guardians of the hunter subclass in destiny 2: Eclipse (lightfall), called tightrope walkers, weave a rope dart to attack their enemies. With the light attack, they launch the dart forward against a single enemy. Hitting an enemy with the tip of the dart deals additional damage, and defeating enemies this way causes them to explode. With the heavy attack, they swing the rope dart in a wide area, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

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when does the expansion come out Eclipse (lightfall) of destiny 2?

Don’t worry, because here you will know when the expansion comes out Eclipse (lightfall) of destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Eclipse (Lightfall)) comes out on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. The arrival of Eclipse (lightfall) to destiny 2 It also marks the start of the 20th season of Bungie’s FPS MMO. However, at the moment it is unknown what name season 20 of destiny 2 which will arrive before the third quarter of 2023.

destiny 2 is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. To know all the information about Eclipse (Lightfall)the new expansion of destiny 2we recommend you follow the following link.


Source: Bungie press release