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Bwipo can’t find a team for 2023 and will focus on streaming

The transfer market for the Season 2023 it’s being crazy. We have seen how several players have returned to what was their home long ago, as is the case of Martin Larsson «Rekkles» in Fnatic. However, other players of some renown have been left without a club with which to compete. This is the case of Gabriel Rau «Bwipo«, who will take a few weeks off.


The toplaner he did not have a banner year at Team Liquid. This has conditioned him when it comes to finding a new team for next season. Although it seems that he received some offer from Team Vitalityhis idea was to stay in the League Championship Series (LCS). Thus, the days have passed and it does not seem to have received any convincing offer. So much so that Bwipo himself confirmed that he will focus on content creation during the first bars of the year.


Bwipo does not have a team for the beginning of 2023

«I’m going to be a content creator for Team Liquid. That’s going to be what happens next split. I will tryhardear in SoloQ and Champions Queue in order to find a new team as soon as possible. What is clear is that, unfortunately, I am going to take a Split break. Nothing happens either, it means I have to push myself and play better«.

Those were the words with which Bwipo confirmed to all his followers that he will not be in the competitive League of Legends circuit.. While we all expected this Team Liquid to dominate the scene, especially with players like Bwipo himself, Steven Liv”Hans-sama“or Jo Yong-in”CoreJJ«, they ended up losing the North American competition and did not qualify for the World Championship 2022.


Now Bwipo will try to reach the top of the North American server in terms of the Only Q regards and, on the other hand, will try to stay in the first position of the Champions Queuethus demonstrating that he has enough value for any team to bet on him.

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