CableMod sold 50,000 12VHPWR connectors. only 20 burned

cablemod sold 50,000 12vhpwr connectors. only 20 burned

Tom Henry

CableMod sold 50,000 12VHPWR connectors. only 20 burned

When NVIDIA launched its RTX 4090, we were all surprised by the great performance they had when compared to the RTX 3090. The generational leap was real and although the consumption was very high, the truth is that we were potentially happy. The problem is that the 4090 ended up burning and the 12VHPWR connector was blamed. Although alternatives like CableMod were considered a much better option, these have not been spared and the company has given a reply with details of what happened on their 12VHPWR adapters.

The biggest drawback to buying an NVIDIA RTX 4090 is the high price of these and not only that, but the fact that these high-end GPUs ended up on fire. We have been talking about this issue for months and months, basically because NVIDIA did practically nothing about it. Dozens of burned graphics were reported and even so, no official solution was reached. They were blaming the company, the quality of the cable, the excessive consumption of the graphics and how the users connected it. In the end, it seems that the latter is the main cause.

CableMod’s 12VHPWR cable has problems, but the failure rate is lower


Despite the fact that we have been dealing with the issue of RTX 4090 burning for many months now, there is no definitive solution. CableMod was one of the better alternatives, but even your 12VHPWR connector was not invincible and therefore, the company has decided to issue a response on the situation. Although it may seem like bad news because even your adapter has been affected, the truth is that it is not too worrying.

The result of this 12V HPWR angle adapter is the company’s top seller, it has sold more than 50,000 units and of all these, only 20 known cases of melted connectors. Viewed this way, the failure rate is quite small, but what’s important is CableMod’s response to the 12VHPWR connector problems.

CableMod’s response shows full support for its customers

12VHPWR CableMod RTX 40 Adapter

CableMod has given its official response and this is also good news, since they assure that the vast majority of these 20 adapters that were burned were due to a incorrect insertion. This is nothing new, but at least it can be confirmed that the quality of the cable is noteworthy and the problem lies in how it was connected. Now comes the interesting thing, and that is that CableMod is so confident in the quality of its product that it is going to refund affected customers the full price of their graphics card in the event that it reject the RMA.

If the GPU company accepts the RMA, then CableMod will bear the costs. shipping costs for graphics to repair centers. What they want to convey with their response is that the 12VHPWR problem is not worrisome and if any customer has been affected, they have full support by CableMod. The company says it can’t guarantee a 0% failure rate, but it can help users when they’re in trouble.

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