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Caedrel and his opinion on the G2 Esports botlane

The group stage of World Championship 2022 is about to come to an end. During the last days we have seen the different teams show their skills within the Summoner’s Rift, among them the representatives of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). Fnatic is already eliminated after going 0-3 in the return matches. Now is the time for G2 Esports and Rogue to prove that they deserve to be in the playoffs.

Marc Robert Lamont spoke about the runners-up «Caedrel«. The analyst and content creator gave his opinion live on G2 Esports bot lane playersVictor Lirola «flakked» and Raphaël Crabbé «Targams«. Throughout his live, Caedrel highlighted the champions they shine the most with and the ones they should use to make it to the next round of Worlds 2022.

Caedrel on G2 Esports bot lane

Although the bottom lane from G2 Esports landed this year in the LEC, have proven to be more than capable of going very far. So much so that in the Spring Split 2022 they won the European competition and in the summer they reached the league final. This allowed them to access the Worlds 2022 as second seeds. About these players spoke Caedrel, highlighting especially the champions they should use.

«I think the G2 Esports botlane works well with specific champions. I like the Seraphine, but the team seems to lose a lot of damage. The lines with Caitlyn and Kalista I don’t like them because they are bound to win the line. I think there is an intermediate point like Aphelios or Sivir in which they stand out a lotCaedrel stated. «While Rogue’s botlane is very good with Kalista or Lucian and Nami, in G2 Esports I prefer other champions. With Aphelios or these champions they don’t need to win the lane but they’re also not completely out of the game if they lose.«, he finished.

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