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Call of Duty 2023 was going to be an expansion for Modern Warfare 2 | we are xbox

The release of the latest Call of Duty was accompanied by a slightly odd campaEsports Extrasin that this would be the first game in the franchise to last two years in the 20-year continuous release period. However, new statements by Jason Schreier in an article for Bloomberg indicate that Call of Duty 2023 was going to be an expansion for Modern Warfare 2 that has been expanded more than expected, making it a complete installment of the saga that will continue what happened in the most recent Call of Duty.

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Jason Schreier is one of the most reliable sources in the video game industry, which is why we previously believed his claims regarding the future of Activision’s shooter saga. As we well knew, This year 2023 a new installment of the franchise was not expected, but a great expansion for the recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. However, it seems that this expansion has “expanded” more than expected.

Call of Duty 2023 was going to be an expansion for Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty 2023 was supposed to be an expansion, but Jason Schreier knows what really happened

The Call of Duty 2022 expansion went much further than anticipated, leading one of the studios behind Call of Duty to collaborate with Infinity Ward to bring this project to a full-price installment. As strange as it may seem, the helper will be Sledgehammer Games just like it happened with Modern Warfare 3 in the past. These two studios will work on the direct sequel to 2022’s Modern Warfare 2.


For its part, Treyarch will be in charge of launching its Call of Duty in 2024, as its plans fit with making the next launch of the saga. unexpectedly, the great DLC of Modern Warfare 2 will become the next great game in the sagamaking Call of Duty continue to maintain its record of releasing an annual game without interruption for almost 20 years.

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