Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 finally shows the start date of the beta – everything about the time and who can participate

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The new Call of Duty blog post finally announced important dates for the release of CoD: Modern Warfare 2. It’s all about the beta, which should finally bring players to enjoy the new Activision shooter. We’ll show you everything you need to know about it.

What was announced? CoD: Modern Warframe can already be pre-ordered on all platforms, but so far there has been no trace of the beta release. Now Activision gave more information about who can get started and when. You must note the following dates in your calendar:

  • First weekend only for pre-orders and Playstation exclusive – September 16th – 17th
  • First weekend only Playstation exclusive without pre-order – September 18th – 20th
  • Open Beta for PC, XBOX and Playstation pre-orders – September 22-23
  • Open Beta for All Platforms – September 24th – 26th

If you haven’t seen anything from CoD: Modern Warfare yet, we’ve included the appropriate gameplay trailer for you:

CoD: Modern Warfare 2 takes gameplay to a full level – Looks even more realistic than ever

How does the beta work and who can participate? Every player, whether pre-ordered or not, can get a taste for the new shooter. However, pre-orderers and Playstation owners are better off as they can join the beta before any other platform.

So you are not forced to own a Playstation or to be asked to checkout before the release to get a taste of MW2.

Below we bind you the official German Twitter post from CoD:

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Is there anything else important to know? On September 15th, Infinity Ward is launching a showcase by revealing lots of information about the immediate future of Call of Duty. Including many more details about Modern Warfare II, information about the next Call of Duty®: Warzone and more about the mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone (aka Project Aurora).

You’ll also get a full multiplayer reveal of Modern Warfare II, with many streamers taking up arms and battling each other in real-time. More detailed information can be found in the Acivision blog post.

When will CoD: Modern Warfare 2 be released? The release date is October 28th. You can find more detailed information about who is behind this shooter part and what you can expect in our games hub for MW2.

So now it’s your turn, are you already excited for the beta and how do you like the fact that Playstation has priority? Let us know how you feel about it in the comments!

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