Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is presented to the world with its first trailer and a lot of news | Top News

call of duty: modern warfare 3 is presented to the

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is presented to the world with its first trailer and a lot of news | Top News

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Activision had warned that during the reveal From Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III little things would happen… And so it has been. To begin with, his new installment —still without a release date— was presented with an event specially dedicated to its players through which to obtain exclusive rewards. Next, and how could it be otherwise, they showed the first trailer of the game.

All this while confirming that this would be a direct sequel to the previous one delivery, being the first time it has happened in a long time. It has not been the only novelty, since they have confirmed that the new campaEsports Extrasis one of the most ambitious that they have developed in a long time… With the infamous Makarov as the main antagonist.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III debuts its first trailer in style

The action, then, will again star Task Force 141; the company will have to adapt or die as it takes on one of its deadliest enemies to date. They will, of course, with new Open Combat missions. These have been designed as a complement to the cinematic missions.

As if that were not enough, it has been confirmed that CoD: Modern Warfare III It will be made up of a very special selection of maps; To celebrate the saga’s 20th anniversary, they wanted to bring together the community’s most beloved settings along with other unpublished ones. In addition to confirming that a large part of the content of MW2 will be transferred to its new installmentthey will add not a few novelties.

So much so that, on the way out, we can have 16 main maps, four large environments with new game spaces, three new Battle maps and a new War map. At the same time, 12 main 6vs maps will be included. 6. Finally, the always-loved zombie mode will be enhanced, which will come with a great novelty: players will be able to team up with other squads to try to survive the zombie horde.

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