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Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer is actually Black Ops Cold War 2.0

Call of Duty WW2

Tom Henderson, a regular data leaker who came to Activision and Battlefield Shooter games, said that Sledgehammer is trying to introduce new features that have never been implemented.
According to Tom Henderson, an insider who often leaks the news, the multiplayer mode of “Call of Duty: Pioneer” is a new and legendary work of the Sledgehammer game, and will be very similar to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

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call of duty cod call of duty black ops 2 call of duty ww2 activision warzone
image via Activision

Speaking of the multiplayer game in Pioneer, all I heard during the development process is that it won’t be so good. It won’t be unique in any way; on the contrary, it will essentially be Black Ops Cold. War 2.0″ Henderson said in the video inserted below this paragraph (via Wccftech).

The reason is that Sledgehammer Games tried to do a lot of different things with Vanguard to distinguish it from Call of Duty: World War II, its previous title but many of these features were never implemented. For whatever reason, it’s not primarily a traditional Call of Duty,” concluded internally.
Henderson added that the social center headquarters of the CoD previously based on World War II will return to the vanguard together with the land warfare mode of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019”. At the premiere, always based on insiders, there will be eight multiplayer maps. They will be accompanied by a zombie mode developed by Sledgehammer Games and scripted support by Treyarch.

call of duty cod call of duty black ops 2 call of duty ww2 activision warzone
image via Activision

Activision has not confirmed that Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty will be called Call of Duty WWII: Pioneer, as claimed by various sources, but the company did announce that it will arrive in late 2021. In addition, according to rumors, the title will be announced in Call of Duty: War Zone, the legendary popular battle royale

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