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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 could soon bring back popular maps, but that’s not enough for the players

With its survey, Activision asked the community which next big map they would like to see from the past for Call of Duty: Warzone 2, but the fans have a different wish.

What was asked? According to CharlieIntel (via Activision sent a poll to many fans of CoD: Warzone 2. The developers had asked the players which large map they would like to see in the game when a map change is due. The following options were available:

  • A whole new map
  • Return of Verdanks ’84 (2021)
  • Return from Caldera (2021)
  • Return from the original Thanks map (2020)
  • Return of Blackout – Map of Black Ops 4 (2019)

Players could then choose up to three answers and set their favorites. While the result of this poll isn’t shown, fans on Twitter agree what they really want and it’s not just a map.

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Multiple maps for Warzone 2 just like in Apex Legends

What do the players want? In the comments on Twitter it is clear that Caldera is one of the most disliked maps. Verdanks and Blackout then tend to join the more popular options. Last but not least, many fans only want one thing and that is the rotation of a collection of maps.


Basically the same system as Apex Legends, where players can fight on different terrain every 60-90 minutes. The players comment with the following statements:

  • @Shupp610 – “Rotation or just multiple options per week!”
  • @*text muted*slayerr_ – “When you release a new map, please implement a map rotation. Don’t get rid of Al Mazrah. It (the map) is solid. […]”
  • @djacksonweather – “Why not implement a rotation? […]”
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When is a new big map coming? Nobody knows that yet. Season 2 is coming soon for Warzone 2. The time has come on February 15, but before a new Battle Pass encourages players to continue their grind again, they will be given a small Battle Royale map.

This has been requested by players for quite some time and will soon be made available to players over the course of Season 2. So until Activision has evaluated the survey and analyzed the voices of the community, it remains to be seen how the developers will decide on a larger map.

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Is a map rotation likely? Anyone who plays Warzone 2 knows what a desolate state it is in, but the team is trying to stem the flood of bugs with constant updates. However, many errors are still present in the game and continue to proliferate.

It is therefore rather unlikely that Activision will implement such a feature in the near future. Despite that, it’s not unlikely, because as you can see with the revive mode, the team likes to fulfill the players’ requests to keep them happy. So it could only be a matter of time before Activision decides on such a feature.


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