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Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Weapons: What are the most used and performing weapons this week, August 22-28

Season 5, Last battle either Last Standfrom Call of Duty Warzone is out now and this means a fair amount of changes have been applied to many weapons… causing the meta to change again.

Since this week is important, I’ll first run through the most relevant weapons that have received changes, and then we’ll look at how the meta has changed during the season’s release.

Call of Duty Warzone, Season 5: Balancing Weapons

  • Cooper Carbine (VG): Adjusted recoil penalty and horizontal recoil control. Weapon now costs slightly more to control during long bursts.
  • KG M40 (VG): Massive changes. Damage reduced from 25 to 23 and fire rate increased from 1.0 to 1.02. The increase does not compensate for the damage loss. Changes have been made to the Reisdorf 720mm Wrapped Fittings, Sakura 40 6.5mm Magazines, Klauser 60 8mm Drums, and the VDD 22G Padded.

About the KG M40: “we’re further reducing his long-range damage combined with some reasonable accuracy tweaks.”

  • Grau 5.56 (MW): As you could see in his guide, he has had his maximum damage increased from 28 to 29, the maximum damage range and the damage multiplier to the neck. Now you are going to see it, but Grau returns to the goal.
  • Combat Shield (VG): the wearer’s climbing movement speed has been reduced.
  • Combat Shotgun (VG)– Reduced damage multiplier for headshots and neckshots. I remind you that this shotgun was one of the surprise weapons from last week’s review.
  • Wararm 43 (VG): Movement speed decreased. Changes in accessories Imérito 550mm 03P, Imérito 180mm Short, Botti 570mm Precision, Kurz 72 8mm Magazines and some more. You can see them in the patch notes. In general, changes to lower the power of the weapon.
  • Frame 5 (VG): Maximum damage reduced from 34 to 32, average damage from 30 to 29, and average damage range increased from 15 to 20 meters. Less damage, more range.
  • Fennec (MW): Increases the damage multiplier on the neck, legs and feet. The increase is slight, but enough to be noticeable. Remember this weapon because I have a feeling that it will give a lot to talk about.

As you can see, the balance negatively affects the Vanguard weapons (which were the queens of Warzone) and benefits those of Modern Warfare and Cold War. Will you do a more varied meta during Season 5?

Weapons in Call of Duty Warzone: winter is coming…

Season 5 has once again turned the meta of Call of Duty Warzone. In general, players continue to use the same weapons, but things get crazy when we look at what are the most effective weapons currently.

Like every Friday, I use the WZRanked website to tell you how the current Warzone meta is: what are the most used weapons (pick ratio), the ones that kill the most (K/D ratio) and the ones that give the most victories to their carriers (win ratio). Remember that the tables are updated every so often.

Pick Rate, K/D Rate and Win Rate Tables

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Pick Ratio

The community’s top picks this week haven’t changed much from last week. the submachine gun Weaponwar 43 and assault rifles KG M40 Y Cooper Carbine Vanguard are still in the Top. There are only two relevant changes:

  • the submachine gun Frame 5 it falls in popularity to Vanguard’s H4 Blixen, which rises from the ashes. They are no longer what they used to be, but they remain very present at the top.
  • the assault rifle Grau 5.56 from Modern Warfare, the queen of Warzone in the past, is back to reclaim her place on the meta throne. The upgrades she’s received have been enough to make her the second most chosen weapon by fans… and wait because she just might take down Weaponwar 43.

Pick Ratio

K/D ratio

The table of the weapons that kill the most in Warzone is a real chaos and has little to do with the previous one. The UGM-8 machine gun and submachine guns are still present H4 Blixen Y Weaponwar 43 by Vanguard. In addition, the assault rifle Grau 5.56 appears and climbs positions.

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Finally, the submachine gun AR 225 and the assault rifle Automaton they are positioned as the weapons that kill the most in Warzone. In this case, it remains to wait for the days to pass and the meta to settle to see if these weapons will be the most powerful of the Season 5 or if they are a transition, like last week. There are no red numbers, so everything goes up.

Win Rate

As for weapons that get the most wins for their wielders, the Vanguard Combat Shield loses its top spot to the SMG AR 225 and the machine gun LMU-8 by Vanguard. Finally, the assault rifle Automaton and the submachine gun H4 Blixen They rank fourth and fifth.Warzone Review Week3

Win Rate

The H4 appears to be recovering from its dip over the past week. The appearance of AR 225 and the Automaton they’re the surprise of the week…although they probably won’t last for too many weeks.

The interesting thing about this week’s weapons is in the tables that I usually share at the end of these guides: they show graphs of the use of weapons, the types of weapons and which game has the most used weapons. For the first time in several weeks, Vanguard weapons drop and Modern Warfare rises. Cold Wr… well, it’s still



In summary: The RA 225 and Automaton surprise by sneaking into the ERA charts, the H4 Blixen regains some of its lost fame and ERA, and finally the GRAU 5.56 Assault Rifle reclaims its lost throne in the meta.


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