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Call of Duty Warzone: Unlock the Terrifying Secret of Season 4’s New “Fortune Keep” Map

Call of Duty Warzone Season 4, called Mercenaries of Luck, brings with it a hefty load of content. the new map Fortune-Keeping for Resurgence Mode is one of the most notable additions. The most dedicated fans have not taken long to discover one of the secrets of said map. We tell you how to discover it yourself!

The Terrifying Secret of Fortune Keep: Return of the Zombies

In Resurgence Mode you can respawn, so don’t worry if another player kills you. In principle, you don’t need to shoot to unlock the secret or easter eggso you should go unnoticed… at least until the end.

Fortune Keep Warzone 1

The first thing you should do is fall into the Graveyard either Graveyard, located in the northwest of the island. When you arrive, try to get a weapon and plates to be a little more protected. Then you must find 3 yellow candles scattered around the area. When you find them, interact with them to light them up.

The bad news is that these candles appear randomly in every game. The good news is that they never appear outside the graveyard. Despite this, I can give you several references or “hot spots” where they usually appear:

  • In the entrances or inside mausoleums.
  • at the foot of graves pillar shaped.
  • They do not usually appear in corners or hidden in tall grass. It is normal for them to appear near stone structures.
  • Don’t worry if you get killed, the sequence doesn’t break until the game is over.
  • And yes, you can do it in collaboration with other players.

Once the 3 yellow candles are activated, a Evil laugh. That is the signal that the sequence is complete and that you must take the last step: look for a small grave in the location that I show you in the following image. Come closer and interact”Show respect“.

Fortune Keep Warzone 2

A zombie appears from the grave and will attack you. And yes, he takes life from you until he kills you. no reward for completing this secret or easter egg. According to content creators and fans who have seen this secret, it is a preview of what is to come to Warzone during Season 4: Lucky Mercenaries. And it may not be the only secret!

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