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A Breaking Bad easter egg was spotted on an MW3 map



A nod to the famous Breaking Bad series was spotted in the trailer for Season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 to the delight of fans.

Over the years, Call of Duty has been riddled with bugs, sometimes paying homage or referencing past games in the franchise, and even real-world events in various ways.

Players sometimes spend hours deciphering codes and connecting dots to discover these easter eggs, which can occasionally provide clues about future game releases.

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But on the other hand, some easter eggs found in plain sight simply reference popular culture, and it seems the developers recently gave a nod to Breaking Bad in Modern Warfare 3.

A Breaking Bad easter egg spotted in the MW3 Season 2 trailer

Before the release of Season 2, players spotted a small easter egg which they directly shared on Reddit. On February 5, the developers released a short video showcasing all the new maps coming in Season 2, where fans found what they believe to be a small Breaking Bad reference.

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At around 30 seconds into the video, a pizza can be seen on the garage roof in the new “Stash House” map.

Fans of the series may remember the “iconic” pizza scene in season three, where Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, throws a pizza onto the roof of his garage in a fit of anger.

This isn't the first time CoD developers have referenced Breaking Bad. In Modern Warfare 2's Santa Seña map, the series' famous campervan, marked with strangely familiar bullet holes, could be found. He can also be found on the MW3 Season 1 map, Meat.

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