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Black Ops 6 snipers will be able to one-shot, but there is a catch



During an interview, Black Ops 6 developers confirmed that snipers will have one-shot abilities, but with one condition.

Excitement for Black Ops 6 has reached new heights following its global reveal during the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, with players already pre-ordering all available editions of this new Black Ops opus.

Among the arsenal of weapons, players will find all the traditional categories, including powerful sniper rifles, which allow you to eliminate enemies from a distance or enjoy classic quickscope action.

Regarding this, during an interview with VentureBeat, the developers confirmed that all BO6 snipers will be able to “one shot in the chest”. However, weapons in this category will feature “different characteristics in terms of slow, fast rate of fire, recoil”which could vary their effectiveness.

While successfully landing upper body shots accurately takes practice, by mastering the technique and equipping the right attachments through the game’s class system, players might find sniping very enjoyable in the game’s multiplayer. BO6, whatever their approach to play.

In the history of Call of Duty, snipers have become extremely popular, mainly because their high-risk gameplay can deliver big rewards. The ability to eliminate opponents with a single shot while minimizing exposure is crucial to gaining an advantage in any multiplayer mode.

This trend continues in Warzone, where this category of weapons proves even more effective due to the size of the maps. However, during the interview, the developers only discussed multiplayer, leaving the specifics of snipers in Warzone undiscussed, indicating that more details will be provided during the CoD Next 2024 event on August 28.


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