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Call of Duty

Black Ops Gulf War campaign would take place in open world



Call of Duty could completely shift to open world, with a new report stating that Black Ops Gulf War and subsequent games are expected to adopt this revamped campaign structure.

While Call of Duty is best known for its explosive multiplayer and cooperative modes, its campaign portion has a devoted fan base. The normally linear structure won the hearts of many gamers, with spectacular and impactful moments that many still talk about today.

Over time, the franchise experimented with its campaign formula, moving away from what made its niche. The 2023 version of MW3 suffered massively from this, with the new “open combat missions” criticized for being “Warzone with cutscenes”.

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This phase of experimentation does not seem to be over, as a new report indicates that the Black Ops Gulf War campaign could mark the transition to a fully open world game and that future installments will do the same.

Black Ops Gulf War and subsequent CoDs are expected to adopt open-world campaigns

Black Ops Gulf War is reported to be the CoD of 2024, and with that comes a massive report from a popular source, Insider Gaming.

According to Insider Gaming, Black Ops Gulf War will feature an open-world campaign. However, unlike MW3's campaign, Gulf War's open world was stitched together via new assets. Raven Software is reported to be leading this experience, and as in previous Black Ops games, flagship characters from the series such as Adler will make a return.

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As for the gameplay loop, it will be closer to Far Cry than to CoD. Players will navigate the open map and fast travel points will facilitate the round-trip nature of travel. There will also be a few linear missions, although the exact number is not known, according to the report.

The report concludes that Black Ops 2025 will also adopt a similar strategy, as a method of “streamlining development.” If this turns out to be true, Black Ops 2025 would then be touted to have different biomes and locations for players to explore.

With CoD being one of the most prolific titles and a high target for leaks, it is possible that the coming months will reveal the validity of these reports.

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