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Call of Duty bans 26 thousand cheaters in a single day with Ricochet



With the arrival of Season 2 Reloaded in Call of Duty Modern Warfare III and Warzone, the community received good news. The anti-cheat tool called Ricochet is armed with heavy-duty tools and banned more than 26 thousand cheaters in just one day.

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The news was shared by the Activision team itself, who began investigating how the feature could identify cheaters in action. To reassure those most upset by the presence of these hackers, the company left the following message:

Our team has seen and shares your frustrations about the increase in cheating reports. We remain focused on this fight.

With the launch of Season 2 Reloaded we have rolled out several aggressive updates, including:

  • Fixes for combating flying vehicles, with more on the way;
  • New Mitigation: BOOM – vehicles that shouldn't be in the air (or very much in the air) can explode randomly;
  • Improved protections and increased response times for kernel-level driver (PC);
  • Speed ​​optimizations for detections in Ranked Play;
  • Updated third-party hardware device detection;
  • Over 26,000 bans today.

Our team continues to develop new updates in addition to the ones we released today.

Modern Warfare III
Source: Activision

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