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Call of Duty

Joe Rogan gets angry with cheaters in Call of Duty



Anyone who plays Call of Duty, whether Modern Warfare III or Warzone, has encountered a series of cheaters, who use third-party programs to gain advantages over other players in the match. This fact has been so irritating that it drove comedian Joe Rogan out of his mind on his podcast.

Famous in the US for his performances as an actor, fighter and sports commentator, Rogan has a program on Spotify called The Joe Rogan Experience. In chapter 2112 with Dan Soder, another comedian, they reacted to a gameplay where a hacker advanced through the level eliminating his targets.


When analyzing the content, Rogan didn't hold back and reported what the experience of a common Call of Duty player has been like when encountering this type of cheater in sessions:

They're running around and the guys have these aimbots and they never miss. Then, they will kill you – and every time they kill you, they are fully armed and have all the weapons – and they know exactly where you are and they will kill you again and again. And every now and then, they die, resurface, and then kill you again, because they simply can't miss.

Do you agree with the comedian?

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