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MW3 players accuse developers of using AI to create skins



Modern Warfare 3 players have recently expressed their dissatisfaction with the developers, accusing them of using AI to create “ridiculous” new skins.

In the Call of Duty franchise, cosmetics are some of the most controversial content included in the game. While some fans enjoy going out of their way to get new skins or are willing to pay more for exclusive cosmetics, Modern Warfare fans 3 have criticized the latest round of skins offered.

In a new thread on Reddit, MW3 fans have criticized the developers for releasing “ridiculous skins” instead of more realistic-looking options. Bright colors and impractical designs have been criticized by many, with some even accusing designers of using AI to generate these new designs.

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One Reddit user commented: “The CoD artists are completely stupid or they just run this into an AI and put it up for sale.” Another said: “I'm starting to believe they use AI to create their packs.

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Another MW3 player also gave his opinion, adding: “I have no idea what they do. People keep telling me these skins sell, but I never see anyone using these crappy skins.

Other players have also argued that recent skins all look very similar. “They've all been the same too, at least recently. Super bright, flashy, loud, aggressive. Basically, if you don't like this style of Operator skin, there is nothing for you at all in the store.

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Time will tell if MW3's developers will respond to accusations that they are using AI to help them generate new skins for the game.

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