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The 10 Most Popular Warzone Weapons



While most Warzone players are still discovering the new version of the game, some are wondering which weapon to use. Discover the 10 most used weapons currently in Battle Royale.

While with each new seasonal update the meta is shaken up by the joint arrival of new weapons and balancing, it is not always easy to know which weapons to focus on to optimize its performance.

So what are the most used weapons currently in Warzone? Using data from WZRanked, find out what the 10 most popular weapons are.

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The 10 Most Popular and Most Used Weapons in Warzone

The 10 Most Popular and Most Used Weapons in Warzone

10. Striker (1.80%)

Warzone Striker Submachine GunActivision

The Striker submachine gun has won over players thanks to its surprising versatility, including its above-average accuracy among SMGs.

9. Pulemyot 762 (2.09%)

Pulemyot 762 Warzone Machine GunActivision

The Pulemyot 762 machine gun has nothing in common, since it is often via its bullpup kit that it radiates, transforming it into a real supercharged assault rifle.

8. LOW-B (2.88%)

BAS-B in Call of Duty WarzoneActivision

The BAS-B is a must-have battle rifle in Warzone. With its excellent damage, impressive range and easy-to-manage recoil, the BAS-B has won over many players.

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7. SVA 545 (3.63%)

The SVA 545 in Modern Warfare 3Activision

The SVA 545 is an interesting off-meta choice in Warzone provided you equip the right accessories and perks.

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6. WSP Swarm (4.14%)

WSP Swarm Warzone Submachine GunActivision

Fans of ultra-nervous gameplay immediately fell in love with the WSP Swarm. The ultimate mobile SMG, the WSP Swarm has a monstrous TTK.

5. MCW (5.39%)

MCW Warzone Assault RifleActivision

The MCW is a true masterpiece of precision, making it the ideal weapon for beginners. However, don't think that this assault rifle is only for beginners, because it is just as devastating for experienced players.

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4. KATT-AMR (10.19%)

The KATT AMR sniper rifle in WarzoneActivision

The KATT-AMR is the very archetype of the sniper. Extremely precise and with incredible range, this sniper rifle inflicts colossal damage.

3. HRM-9 (10.59%)

HRM-9 MW3 submachine gunActivision

The HRM-9 makes up for its strong knockback with raw damage and excellent mobility.

2. AMR9 (15.04%)

AMR9 in MW3Activision

The AMR9 is a formidable short-range submachine gun in Warzone.

1. RAM-7 (28.05%)

RAM-7 Assault Rifle WarzoneActivision

The RAM-7 assault rifle offers an interesting challenge to players. Although he has excellent TTK, his recoil is particularly difficult to control. A weapon to be reserved for the most precise and experienced players.

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