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The best BAS-B class in MW3: accessories, assets, equipment



The BAS-B is a combat rifle that excels in Modern Warfare 3. However, it is important to equip it well.

Modern Warfare 3 is finally available and players are currently discovering the remastered maps from MW2 (2009) as well as the new arsenal of weapons.

In Call of Duty, weapon choice has always been a hot topic. As the number of accessories available has increased significantly over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to choose the best accessories and assets that best suit your custom class.

And in MW3, the BAS-B assault rifle proved to be one of the best options at all ranges.

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So find out how you should equip this weapon.


BAS-B weapon in Modern Warfare 3Activision

The best BAS-B class in Modern Warfare 3

The best BAS-B accessories

  • Mouth : Spiritfire VT-7 L silencer
  • Cannon accessory : Wyvern's Respite Long Cannon
  • Laser : Laser FSS OLE-V
  • Telescope : MK reflector. 3
  • Charger : 30-round magazine

The BAS-B is much more accurate than you might imagine, given that it is a combat rifle. Therefore, you don't really need to deal with recoil and hence, you can opt for the Spiritfire VT-7 L Silencer to continue shooting discreetly.

Most other attachments should be used to improve mobility and maneuverability, such as Wyvern's Respite Long Cannon and FSS OLE-V Laser. These accessories significantly speed up BAS-B and make it much more responsive, which is necessary given the speed of this year's multiplayer.

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It should be noted that the BAS-B's relatively low rate of fire can make missed shots particularly costly. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to use a clean scope like the Reflector MK. 3, which makes it easier to spot enemies.

Another downside of this rifle is that its magazine only holds 20 bullets by default, which will force you to constantly reload it. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved by equipping the 30 Round Magazine.

The best assets and equipment with the BAS-B

  • Vest: Infantry vest
  • Gloves: Commando Gloves
  • Boots: Hedging shoes
  • Equipment: Bomb protection
  • Deadly: Grenade frag
  • Tactic: Flash Grenade
  • Combat Improvement: Trophy System

The Infantry Vest allows you to increase the duration of your tactical sprint, which will allow you to move more quickly on the different maps in the game.

The Commando Gloves will allow you to recharge while sprinting, which is particularly interesting when you are constantly on the move.

It's hard to do without Cover Shoes, as eliminating the sound of your footsteps plays an important role in your ability to surprise your opponents

Finally, Bomb Protection will give you more resistance to explosions and fire.

How to Unlock BAS-B in MW3

Players can unlock BAS-B by reaching level 17 in Modern Warfare 3.

The best alternatives to BAS-B in MW3

If the BAS-B isn't for you in Modern Warfare 3, then the MTZ-556 is an easy-to-use assault rifle.

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If you instead want something that excels in close quarters combat, then the Rival-9 is a wise choice.

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