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The best SOA Subverter class in MW3: accessories, assets, equipment



The SOA Subverter is a fearsome battle rifle for use in Modern Warfare 3. Find out how to equip it.

The MW3 Season 2 Reloaded update is finally here, to the delight of millions of Call of Duty fans around the world. This mid-season patch not only brought new weapons such as the Soulrender and the SOA Subverter, but it also revamped the fan-favorite Das-Haus.

The meta has also undergone various changes, with the developers making a ton of changes to weapon balance.

And among the new serious candidates claiming the throne of the meta, the SOA Subverter stands out.

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Find out how to equip this weapon in Modern Warfare 3.


SOA Subverter in WarzoneActivision

The SOA Subverter risks quickly establishing itself in the MW3 meta.

The best SOA Subverter class in Modern Warfare 3

The best SOA Subverter accessories

  • Mouth: ZEHMN35 flash reducer
  • Cannon: Dozer-90 long barrel
  • Glasses: JAK glasses without glass
  • Rear grip: PCS-90 assault grip
  • Magazine: 50-round drum magazine

For this class of the SOA Subverter, we advise you to equip the ZEHMN35 compensated flash cache which considerably reduces the appearance time on the minimap and improves recoil control and weapon aiming stability.

The Dozer-90 Long Barrel and PCS-90 Assault Grip work in tandem to significantly increase the weapon's recoil control and aiming stability, while improving bullet velocity and range.

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As for the scope, it's a matter of personal preference, but the minimal visual recoil and aiming stability provided by the Glassless JAK Scope will prove useful. Finally, the 50-round Drum Magazine will allow you to finish off multiple enemies without having to constantly reload.

The best assets and equipment with the SOA Subverter

  • Vest: Assassin's Vest
  • Gloves: Commando Gloves
  • Boots: Hedging shoes
  • Equipment: Bomb protection
  • Tactic: Stun Grenade
  • Deadly: Grenade frag
  • Combat Enhancement: Deadly Silence

Introduced with Season 1, the excellent Assassin's Vest will keep you out of drone sight, well worth the loss of your Combat Upgrade. Also with a view to remaining discreet, the essential cover shoes are strongly recommended.

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The Commando Gloves offer a lot of comfort, allowing you to recharge while sprinting. As for Bomb Protection, it is difficult to do without it in a meta where explosives are omnipresent.

In terms of equipment, we recommend the Stun Grenade and the Frag Grenade, which are two very versatile tools that can help you offensively as well as defensively.

How to Unlock SOA Subverter in MW3

The SOA Subverter can be unlocked in Modern Warfare 3 by completing five of the seven challenges in Week 5 of Season 2 Reloaded.

Head over to our guide to learn all the challenges you'll need to complete to get this weapon.

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The best alternatives to SOA Subverter in MW3

If SOA Subverter does not suit your play style in Modern Warfare 3, then you can try MCW.

However, if you want to stick with a combat rifle, the BAS-B can be a great alternative.

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