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This forgotten weapon from MW2 is the “best option” at mid-range in Warzone



Warzone expert WhosImmortal has highlighted a forgotten Modern Warfare 2 assault rifle that is “the best option” for close-range and mid-range duels.

Over the past few years, Warzone has become an amalgamation of different Call of Duty games. Weapons, gear, skins, perks, and all sorts of other things have come together under the Battle Royale umbrella.

However, this also caused some issues, mainly in terms of weapon imbalances. Players have regularly complained that weapons from the previous game, in this case, Modern Warfare 2, aren't up to par with their newer counterparts.

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While some may believe this is still the case, even after a few rounds of buffs and nerfs, Warzone specialist WhosImmortal disagrees.

In fact, he believes that an MW2 weapon is currently the best short-to-mid range weapon in Battle Royale.

The best Chimera class in Warzone

In its February 4 video, WhosImmortal explains that Modern Warfare 2's Chimera is one of the best assault rifles in the game, especially if you want a support weapon for your sniper.

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Another weapon that people have overlooked too much is the Chimera. In terms of close and mid-range weapons, there really is no better option than this“, explains the YouTuber. “This thing has a ridiculously fast TTK and honestly it's a safe choice.

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The Chimera's only downside is its ammo capacity. This MW2 weapon can only use a 45-round magazine and this unfortunately takes up an accessory space.

  • Mouth : Shadowstrike Silencer
  • Cannon : EXF Vorpal 6.5″
  • Cannon accessory : FTAC SP-10 Angled Handle
  • Telescope : Reflector Mk.3
  • Charger : 45-round magazine

Reusing the Chimera should be easy for any long-time Warzone player, given that this assault rifle hasn't been modified much recently.

Even though this weapon won't return to the meta and it won't be as popular as it was in MW2, it's definitely worth considering again.

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