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Warzone players rejoice at first look at Rebirth Island



Call of Duty players have recently expressed their excitement following a new leak indicating that the iconic Rebirth Island map will be making a return to the franchise.

Call of Duty has some of the most dedicated fans in the gaming industry. With multiple games and a competitive multiplayer community, fans constantly provide feedback to developers to ensure each CoD is as good as possible.

Given the long history of the Call of Duty franchise, a great way for developers to rekindle the excitement of their fans is to reintroduce old maps in new games, with these classic locations often being reworked or updated in order to satisfy the players.

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And in recent years, the most talked about map to re-enter the CoD universe has been the beloved Rebirth Island.

In a new thread on Reddit, a player posted a leaked image of the map found in the Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone files.

This leak indicates that Rebirth Island will arrive at some point in 2024, likely during the upcoming Season 3.

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Although the exact release date for Rebirth Island is unknown, one thing is certain. Fans are excited to return to this card.

In the same Reddit thread that revealed the image, players rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on the news.

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A CoD player wrote: “Fuck, yes. It's exactly the same.” Another added: “It's gonna be fun. Like revisiting your childhood home. It's a lot smaller than I remember, yeah, you're all grown up now, buddy. I hope they put in some vault stuff and easter eggs early on.

This same CoD fan added: “We've made these chests so many times. We did whatever was necessary and headed for a trunk, sometimes all of them. Tight battles in the prison to make that phone ring and get those numbers.

Time will tell when Rebirth Island makes its way to MW3 and Warzone. However, we will keep you informed of when you can dive into this cult classic again.

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