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When will Warzone Ranked mode be available on Urzikstan?



As Warzone players continue to discover the new map, Urzikstan, one question remains: when will Ranked mode be available on this map? All the info.

Warzone ushered in a new era when Modern Warfare 3 came to the game, bringing a ton of new features, like new weapons and the Urzikstan map. While a majority of the community is still exploring meta weapons, many enjoy testing their skills against players of similar skill levels.

Competitive Warzone has been around since Verdansk launched in 2020, but it wasn't until 2023 that a full Ranked mode arrived. This mode allowed you to progress through different ranks and unlock several rewards as well.

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And with Modern Warfare 3's Ranked mode imminently arriving in just a few days, many players are wondering if this mode will also make an appearance in Warzone.

So here's everything you need to know about Warzone Ranked mode for Urzikstan.

When will Ranked mode return to Warzone?

Ranked mode will officially appear in Warzone during the Season 2 launch window, as confirmed by Call of Duty. However, instead of the large-scale mode that players were expecting, it is in Resurgence that Ranked will be available on the Fortune's Keep map.

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If the divisions and ranks work quite similarly to the Al Mazrah version, Ranked mode will initially be exclusive to this small mode.

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When will Ranked arrive in Urzikstan?

Ranked mode will come to the Urzikstan map “later” in 2024although a concrete release date has yet to be confirmed.

After the announcement of Resurgence Ranked, the developers said: “This is the first Ranked mode to arrive on Call of Duty: Warzone. Battle Royale players should expect the Ranked experience to return later this year“.

At the Call of Duty Next conference, Warzone Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins said: “For this new year of Warzone, we just want to have time to digest the first feedback… to let it breathe, to let everything breathe.

As soon as we have new information about the Urzikstan Ranked Warzone, we will update this article.

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