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With a new weapon you can easily defeat the most annoying opponents – here's how to unlock it



With Season 2 Reloaded came a new weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with which you can defeat the most annoying opponents, because: The “Soulrender” (Soul Bringer) has a strong attack against operational shields.

What kind of weapon is that? The “Soulrender” is a melee weapon that you use to slash your opponents. The knife is said to be particularly strong against operational shields, as it uses a strong attack to ensure that the shield no longer offers any protection.

How do I unlock the weapon? You get the Soulrenders in Sector B21 in the Battle Pass. You don't have to buy it for that. The sector consists of five fields, with five rewards. You unlock the individual rewards with tasks. Once you have completed all the tasks in the sector, you will receive the knife.

The sector includes the following rewards and tasks:

  • JAK Burnout Conversion: Get 5 Operator or Special Zombie kills with throwing knives
  • Bone Dome Emblem: Get 10 Operator or Special Zombie melee kills
  • Double XP Tokens: Get 15 Operator or Special Zombie kills using Frag Grenades or Semtex
  • Tomb Raider Camouflage: Get 5 Operator or Special Zombie kills using rifle butt hits
  • Soulbringer Weapon: Earn all sector rewards + Get 10 Operator or Special Zombie melee kills while crouched

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“Soulrender” counters deployment shields – developers say: It has to be that way

Why is the weapon suitable against operational shields? In principle, players with a deployment shield are the most annoying opponents because: Hardly anything can get through the shield.

Specifically, this means you either have to hit the opponent's feet under the operational shield with a firearm, gain a height advantage, get behind them, or throw grenades and/or thermite to win a fight against the shield bearers.

However, the Soulrender's strong attack rips the enemy's shield away in an animation and kills him. You carry out the attack by briefly holding down your left mouse button and “charging” the blow.

On Probably a bug, the 'Soulrender' can turn off annoying deployment shields! – will be 100% resolved soon.”

The developers respond to this with: “This is not a bug! The Soulrender's heavy attack, similar to the JAK Limb Cutter and JAK Purifier, is a deliberate counterattack against operational shields.”

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“These ‘turtles’ are finished now”

How is the new melee weapon received? The new weapon seems to be well received. Many players seem to be looking forward to testing them against enemy players with deployment shields. In the comments to a post on X by “CharlieIntel”, a user is pleased that the developers are bringing weapons that can counter other weapons.

Another user comments: “Thank God these 'turtles' are finished now.” Someone writes: “I'm sure we can all agree that the shield (players) deserve this.” And one user comments with one laughing emote: “Imagine if you could use the sword and shield at the same time – that would be funny.”

In one comment, a user noted that he ran into a riot shield carrier with the knife and that he thought he was hacking because the attack “went through him.”

How the knife will prove itself and whether it can also be useful in Call of Duty: Warzone remains to be seen.

In Warzone, it's not just players with shields that are annoying, but especially campers who hole up in buildings and surprise you with their shotgun or sniper.

With Season 2 Reloaded, a new kill series came into play that could help: CoD MW3: With a new killstreak you make life difficult for the campers in Warzone

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