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Can an AI create a PC tower better than a human being? Well…


Can an AI create a PC tower better than a human being? Well…

The vast majority of PC towers have a similar design, but we have recently seen others that are more original, such as the Cooler Master Shark X. PC chassis do not usually change their shape much, as the current desEsports Extrasis standard and effective in properly cooling the components. However, aesthetics is something very important for a niche sector of gamers, such as the one that exists in the world of SFF (Small Form Factor) PCs. Knowing this, they have shown how AI he is able to desEsports Extrasdozens of Mini ITX PC towers in record timesomething that can create competition for human designers.

AIs have been with us for a few years, although recently they have become very popular in different sectors. We talk about AI capable of generating images through text and here they belong midjourney either stable diffusion (Stability AI). These are known by a large part of the community and if you did not know, both are involved in a demand from artists. And it is that, these complain about the use of these AI to sell art infringing copyright and occupying the first positions of visits and even drawing the attention of companies that seek to hire artists. As we can see, the frustration resides in the fact that hardly any effort or time required to create AI art.

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Showcase Midjourney’s Ability To DesEsports ExtrasMini ITX PC Towers

Midjourney PC Towers

midjourney is an AI known to many for being able to do anything we ask of it in the form of an image. Using a piece of text to indicate what we want, the AI ​​gets to work and in a matter of seconds shows us several images of what we have ordered. We can customize basically anything as long as we type it into the text prompt and this includes details up to the type of lens used or processing effects. While Midjourney and other similar AIs are often used to create art, we can also use them to desEsports Extrasthings like these PC towers we see.

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And it is that, the user of RedditHyberactiveshowed how the AI ​​was capable of creating very varied designs of dozens of Mini ITX towers. In these we can see traditional towers with curious details and others with a totally futuristic design. With these examples, the problem arises that the designers of PC towers themselves see the AI as serious competition.

AIs are useful for prototyping, but not a final product

Midjourney PC Chassis

Unlike the artists of ArtStation and its protests against AI artIn the case of its use to desEsports Extrasproducts such as these PC towers, we do not see artificial intelligence as a serious problem. And, in this case, AI can provide spectacular, futuristic designs, something that really captures the user’s attention. However, there is something fundamental that they are not able to recreate. We talk of course about PC tower dimensions and compatibility with market components.

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The exterior desEsports Extrasof a tower represented by an image/concept created by the AI ​​is one thing. But this exterior desEsports Extrasis useless if we do not have dimensions or specifications that show the capabilities of these chassis. For example, we can see futuristic designs of spherical PC towers that attract a lot of attention, but really have no real components inside. The use of these AIs for these cases is limited to offering references, prototypes and ideas in the form of new designs. This is still a very useful tool for designers, since they can be inspired by any of these to create real PC towers.

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