‘Can’t bring myself to play it anymore’: Starfield player is seriously disappointed and over 10,000 people agree with him

Tom Henry

'can't bring myself to play it anymore': starfield player is

Starfield seems to have a mixed reception among many fans when we look around on Reddit & Co.

Starfield certainly has its merits, but for some fans of old Bethesda titles it’s obviously not what they were hoping for. There is a lot of criticism online about little things like pointless hospital wards, but also very general criticism. A post is currently trending on Reddit in which a player expresses his frustration: It’s sad, but he just doesn’t feel like playing Starfield anymore.

Some Starfield players are very disappointed with Bethesda’s SciFi RPG and are craving Fallout and Skyrim again

That’s what it’s about: Starfield is Bethesda’s first new brand in a lifetime. It is also the first game to translate the developer studio’s classic open world formula into a science fiction setting. You can see what it looks like and how it plays here:

Starfield - Space Playground Test Video for Xbox Series XS and PC

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Starfield – test video for the space playground for Xbox Series X/S and PC

No more desire: On Reddit, a Bethesda fan is now complaining that after about 50 hours he just can’t bring himself to continue playing Starfield. The game just didn’t click for him, something was missing and he missed a feeling that every Bethesda game had given him.

“Everything feels so…disjointed, I guess? I don’t know how to explain it better.

And I just can’t land on another planet to do exactly the same loop as I’ve done for all these hours.

I mean, does anyone really find it fun to walk for 2 kilometers across absolutely empty terrain to arrive at a POI that we’ve seen dozens of times? There’s even exactly the same loot and enemy locations! Even the same notes, corpses…

Environmental storytelling is supposed to be Bethesda’s thing, but the world-building of this game could have been done by Ubisoft and I wouldn’t have noticed any difference.”

Over 10,000 fans do it like this: There have now been over 10,000 positive upvotes on this post on Reddit. The comments aren’t all in agreement, but there are plenty of testimonials from people who feel the same way. Many believe that Bethesda has taken on too much and now urgently needs to make improvements.

“For the most part I enjoy Starfield, but honestly it makes me want to play Fallout or Skyrim more than Starfield.”

What’s the matter? One of the main points of criticism is the… too repetitive, procedurally generated content. The space setting may simply not be suitable as a Bethesda location due to its sheer size.

Fans also want to take over conquered outposts, for example, and the background lore also leaves a lot to be desired. Added to this are the many fast travel and loading screens that disrupt exploration.

Of course, not all Starfield players are so dissatisfied with the game. But 10,000 isn’t exactly a small number of fans.

But there is hope: Bethesda may still be making improvements and at least one expansion is already planned. Then of course there is still the modding community, which has already shown in the past what can still be achieved with Bethesda titles.

How are you? Are you currently still playing Starfield diligently and has it become the RPG you were hoping for?

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