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Capcom auctions life-size Street Fighter statues


Capcom auctions life-size Street Fighter statues

Capcom Y Street Fighter They go hand in hand during these weeks, not only because of the 35th anniversary celebrations, but also because of the amount of care and affection that the company is giving to one of its flagship sagas. This time it is the turn of an exhibition in Japan with the curious name of 「俺より強いやつらの世界展」, which in USAtakes the name of “The world of boys who are stronger than me”.

The curious story of this auction is based on the fact that the organizers wanted to remove the figures to later destroy them, since they do not have space to store them. This is a serious offense to many Street Fighter fans because they can very well be a very special collector’s item. Said and done, this is how this auction began, after finishing the exhibition.

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The characters that the lucky man or woman can take home are nothing more and nothing less than chun-li Y M. Bison. Both are two highly iconic and valued characters in the Street Fighter franchise. Both statues are life-size with a very satisfying wingspan. Chun-Li is 170 centimeters tall, while M. Bison is 182 centimeters. A curious fact is that while Chun-Li measures 170 centimeters, he weighs 70kg, 10 more than M. Bison with 60kg in total, despite having more than 10 centimeters of difference.

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The auction will have a broad term until January 31. The initial bid for each statue has started at around 1500 euros. As is known with the operation of auctions, the highest bidder will be with them. All money raised will go to charity. You can follow all the information of the auction on this website. A very important detail for anyone who is interested is that they only ship in Japan. Would you like to have one of these at home?

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