Capcom Cup IX: Street Fighter V (SFV) Tournament Results

Capcom Cup IXan event that was held this past week in the United States, brought together the best players of Street Fighter V (SFV) of all the world. This annual Capcom competition, which returned after being on hiatus due to complications with Covid-19, also featured the finals of the Street Fighter League World Championship 2022.

The Capcom Cup IX final pitted Bandits|MenaRD from the Dominican Republic against BLG|Zhen from China. Next, we share the results and video logs of the Capcom Cup IX tournaments and the Street Fighter League World Championship 2022.

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Capcom Cup IX Results: Street Fighter V (SFV)

The Capcom Cup IX will be remembered because it did not have a Japanese player in the top 8 and also each of the eight finalists had a different nationality. So after days of competition and a heart-stopping final, who was crowned champion of the Capcom Cup IX of Street Fighter V (SFV) was Bandits|MenaRD. Additionally, Saul Leonardo «MenaRD» Mena is the first two-time champion of the Capcom Cup. Congratulations to Saul Leonardo «MenaRD» Mena for once again demonstrating the power of the Dominican Republic community.

how to watch Top 16 SFV

1. Bandits|MenaRD (Luke, Birdie)
2.BLG|Zhen (M.Bison)
3. XSET|iDom (Laura, Poison)
4. Mister Crimson (Dhalsim)
5. M80|Ending Walker (Ed)
5. NASR|AngryBird (Ken, Rashid)
7.MADFGC|VegaPatch (FANG)
7. UYU|NL (Luke)

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9. HB|Kawano (Luke, Kolin)
9. Victrix|Momochi (Cody)
9. Takamura (Akuma, Ken)
13. G8S|Pugera (Balrog)
13. M. Lizard (Vega)
13.00|Phenom (Luke, Necalli, Karin)
13. Valmaster (Chun-Li, Menat)

He was the one who was crowned champion of the Capcom Cup IX.

Capcom Cup Results: Street Fighter League World Championship 2022

  1. SFL JP: Good 8 Squad:
    • RB|Gachikun (Rashid)
    • G8S|Pugera (Balrog)
    • HB|Kawano (Luke)
    • G8S|Dogura (M. Bison)
  2. SFL US: UYU:
    • UYU|OilKing (Rashid, Seth)
    • BLG|DCQ (Urien)
    • UYU|NL (Luke)
    • RZR|Xian (Seth)
  3. SFL Europe: Team Mouz:
    • Mouz|Problem X (M. Bison, Alex)
    • Mouz|The4philzz (Falke)
    • Broski (Gold)
    • Shakz (Laura)

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Day 1

Day 2

Street Fighter Championship League
Image via official account of Street Fighter On twitter.

A few days ago, Capcom revealed that in the finals of the Capcom Cup IX no news will be announced or progress will be shared. Street Fighter 6 (SF6). However, event attendees will be able to play the next installment of Capcom’s fighting game and win prizes.

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