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Capcom expects Street Fighter 6 to sell more than 10 million copies

Capcom has released in recent days a free demo of Street Fighter 6 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles, while also sharing new details about his commercial expectations with this new installment of the long-running and beloved 2D fighting saga. Haruhiro Tsujimoto, representative director of the Japanese company, commented in a recent interview with the magazine Famitsu that they expect to sell more than 10 million copies during the game’s lifetimewhose premiere is scheduled for June 2.

Given the Street Fighter 5 has sold more than seven million copies, taking into account digital sales, the number mentioned by Tsujimoto does not seem farfetched to us at all. Tsujimoto has also taken the opportunity to comment that future Capcom titles will support cross-platform play and that the development of exoprimal it is “accumulating knowledge for that purpose.” “We think we should create titles like exoprimalwhich will be a key piece for the future direction of the company”, declared the manager.


A groundbreaking delivery that goes one step further

“It’s hard that Street Fighter 6 equal the phenomenon of Street Fighter 2but Capcom puts all the meat on the grill so that this installment is not ‘another one’ in the history of the saga. From its renewed graphic aspect thanks to the RE Engine and that aesthetic that gives meaning to the ‘street fighter’ of the title, the single player modality that really seems worked, the care in the online hub and above all, that fun that we could already try in their betas, they predict that this is a Street Fighter that we are going to play for many, many years. The plans for the future and other specific details remain to be known, but one thing is clear: this is going to be one of the best years of the genre in memory”, we commented in our most recent advance on the video game.

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