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Capcom Shares How They Decided To Include Fans In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

More content is coming back from one of the most outstanding games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. We are talking in this case about Monster Hunter Rise and its expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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After the announcement of the new Pro Controller, in this case we have been able to learn statements from the developer Jun Yeol Lee at Capcom. He has explained how the idea of ​​including the concept of the followers in the title.

Here are his words:

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It all started with Yoshitake Suzuki, the director, saying that he wanted to have a kind of “fellow hunter” that would fight alongside the player. So we threw around a lot of ideas and thought it would be more fun to hunt along with the characters that appear in the Monster Hunter world, and it wouldn’t just be characters that you’d fight, but they’d be related to hunting as well, and that’s how we ended up with the concept of “followers”.

We tested a lot of gameplay and content ideas as well. We wanted players to really feel the connection between these characters, so we added dialogue at the beginning and end of these missions, and even conversations between fans, to bring the characters more to life.

Certainly interesting. we remind you the release schedule of these updates, which do not yet have specific dates:

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August – Free Title Update 1

  • Bazelgeuse Magma, Lunar Nargacuga and other monsters
  • Rare Species Monsters
  • Special Species Monsters
  • New Location: Abandoned Area

Autumn – Free Title Update 2

  • Monsters of rare species and subspecies
  • Boosted Monsters

Winter – Free Title Update 3

  • Special Species Monsters
  • Boosted Monsters

2023 – Free Title Updates

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What do you think? If you’re interested, check out our full coverage of Monster Hunter Rise at this link. You can also find our coverage of the Sunbreak expansion here.


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