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Carnage 2099 will be the new and incredible villain of the Spider-Verse 2099

Carnage 2099 will be the most ruthless version of the symbiote and will arrive in May.


There are already many characters linked to Spider-Man that have appeared in the comics of Marvel. Since Peter Parker made his debut, he has become one of the main characters and many of the publisher’s iconic stories seem to center around him. The Spiderman has managed to have his own niche within the Marvel universe with the incorporation of the concept of Spider-Verse to the world of comics.


Carnage 2099 will be the most ruthless version of the symbiote and will arrive in May

The Spider-Verse introduce different versions of spider-man closely linked to it that have developed throughout the multiverse. It’s actually his own multiverse of spider-man. In this universe, not only has the hero received different versions of himself, but some of Marvel’s most iconic villains they have also had their own with very unique results.


Carnage is one of Carnage’s deadliest villains.


The last of them seems to be the acquaintance Carnage. This deadly villain has been one of the most important symbiotes he has faced Peter Parker since he became the Spiderman. Now, the crimson symbiote will land on the universe 2099 of spider-man becoming one of the titular villains.

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Maximum Carnage is coming soon to the universe of Marvel 2099since a new version of the deadly symbiote will appear in an upcoming miniseries that will be starred by himself spider-man of that same universe. in the comic Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesisreaders will have the opportunity to meet a terrifying Carnage which will debut in the Spider-Man Verse. Parallel to this, the character Miguel O’Hara will assemble a team to take on one of the most powerful and deadly villains the future version of Spider-Man has ever faced.

Carnage or Slaughter

Carnage is one of the cruelest villains in the Marvel Universe.


Recently, the publisher marvel comics has revealed a new miniseries that will be headlined by the titular character Spider Man 2099 and that it will be a kind of sequel to the comic Spider-Man 2099: Exodus. In Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesiswhich will be done by Steve Orlando Y justin mason, Michael O’Hara will face a new version of Carnage that is about to take over the New York City of the future Marvel Universe. To stop the symbiote with a lust for power, Spider Man 2099 will join together punisher 2099, Dare*text muted* 2099 and another new character Blade 2099 with the purpose of stopping him.

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Marvel’s 2099 line originally debuted in 1992 when Marvel’s alternate future timeline featured several new versions of some of the most popular heroes of all. In this sense, Spider-Man, Doctor Doom and the Punisher were reimagined under a new futuristic concept. Many of the characters have stood the test of time, as the Spider-Man by Miguel O’Hara he continues to be one of the most important characters in the publishing house. The future spider-man recently starred a Marvel Comics miniseries. Apparently, this series will continue the events that did not end there.

A cosplayer performs the perfect female version of Spider-Man 2099: Mary Jane 2099

Spider-Man 2099 challenging his enemies


The covers that have been made for the five-issue miniseries of Nick Bradshaw present the arrival of Carnage 2099. the writer of Spider-Man 2099: Dark GenesisSteve Orlando, shared some details about the new Marvel which will arrive soon. Apparently, Spider-Man 2099’s performances will accidentally trigger the rise of Carnage 2099 in one of its most powerful forms.

The last time we saw Spider Man 2099he was decimating his enemies to save the innocent. spider-man takes care of it, but even he didn’t expect how his actions would trigger an outburst of revenge and blood that would embody the figure of Carnage. I am excited to return to this job and work alongside justin mason! The universe 2099 is ready to see Wildest Carnage of All like it had never been shown before.

It’s exciting to see a new debut of Carnage in the 2099 universe, as many different heroes from the Spider-Verse they have their own unique version of the villain to fight with. Nevertheless, Spider Man 2099 seems to have obtained one of the scariest versions of the symbiotegiven that Carnage 2099 seems to be bent on controlling NYmaking him one of the deadliest enemies of Michael O’Hara.

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Carnage 2099 will debut in Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis #1which will hit comic book stores in May.