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Casual or hardcore: what’s your favorite way to play MMORPGs?

Each of us plays video games in a different way and is interested in different types of content. What about with you? Do you tend to be casual or hardcore in .s?

In gaming, .s are often among the largest and most comprehensive games out there. They are (ideally) developed over many years and constantly receive new content that can be mastered by players.

Since large .s are played by many people, most of them also offer different types of content to satisfy the different interests and needs of the players. There is questing, raids and dungeons, crafting and many other possibilities to keep yourself busy almost endlessly.

Most of the time, however, the content is divided into two types:

  • Casual: It’s relaxed, slow-paced content that you can do at your leisure. Often, this type of content doesn’t take much time or effort to master.
  • Hardcore: The hardcore content is usually the most difficult content in the .s. There are dungeons, raids or just boss fights in which the players have to prove their skills in order to collect the best loot as a reward.

While some . fans prefer their games to be more relaxed and quiet, others are looking for tough challenges that they can master together with their raid groups. Both sides set their priorities differently when playing. What about with you?

Small disclaimer: We are aware that even with casual content you can play very hardcore. People put a lot of time and effort into roleplaying or housing. However, in our survey, we narrowed the definition of “hardcore” to include difficult content as originally used.

How to vote: As usual, you can cast your vote in the poll tool below and tell us if you’re more of a laid-back casual gamer or an enthusiastic hardcore raider.

Each of you has only one vote and the choice cannot be undone.

Also, tell us in the comments what your gaming preferences are when it comes to content: Why do you prefer each type of content? What do you like more about casual content than hardcore and vice versa? Do you prefer to slow down and enjoy the journey through the . or do you always want to be among the top players with the best gear?

Throne and Liberty is considered a great . hope – shows the highlights of an internal beta in the video


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